Halo Waypoint goes live: first impressions

OXM UK: The server is being a tiny bit temperamental at present, probably because half the planet is trying to use it, but we've been able to have a go and bag some Avatar swag.

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kissmeimgreek3276d ago

it seemed pretty bare boned to me... but i believe itll get better when they add exclusive halo content on it and such. Id also like to see them get help from bungie as is a great example for what waypoint should be.

Saaking3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

It's useless.

EDIT: If my comment is useless, then why reply?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3276d ago

As useless as your brain and your balls which are about the same size. Are you done with Uncharted 2 already? You browsing the net with your PS3 browser because you have nothing new to play and Uncharted 2 only has 6 people playing? Oh... my bad I forgot you guys can't finish Uncharted 2 because it freeeeeeeeeezes on everyone half way through.

kevinx10003276d ago

"Last Playing Halo 3

Offline for 14 Hrs"

ambientFLIER3276d ago

Weren't you supposed to stop trolling on the 29th? What happened? Do you really enjoy it that much?

bennyace3275d ago

Don't you have awesome PS3 games to play? Guess not....

ambientFLIER3275d ago

He has a 360...not sure about a ps3 tho.

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P33OnUAndHopeUDie3276d ago

I was done with Halo after the big hype over Halo 3.

4Sh0w3276d ago

Not only did you stop to read news that starts with the word "Halo" but you even took the time to comment. It seems to me you say one thing but you do another. In other news I'm off to mess around with the Foam Gun in Shadow Complex again, a game which I'm clearly done with.

SixZeroFour3276d ago

lmao...agreed with 4show

why do ppl say things about a game like "i was done with (insert game title here) since (insert time frame here)" or "im not buying (insert game here) because of (insert reasons here)" and yet are on an article about the game that they are clearly trying to bash...real pathetic imo

P33OnUAndHopeUDie3275d ago

You have me wrong, I'm not trying to Bash it in anyway. In my opinion Halo 1 was the best Halo of the sires.

Halo 2 was great, but shorter than it's original counterpart. Halo 3 then was shorter, and the graphics weren't that big of a upgrade of Halo 2's. It was more like Halo 2.5.

Then the Halo RTS came out and ODST. I was not trashing Halo but trying to state my opinion.

ViciousBoston3276d ago

Yeah. Read what you said again. Free for Gold Subsccribers. You still hve to pay for it one way or another. Money is required to be paid to use the service. Its a P2P service.

SpoonyRedMage3276d ago

How can it be a P2P service? It would require that users already had the waypoint built-in. The information is obviously coming from a Microsoft server so it's not P2P...

Do you actually know what P2P is, or is it just a buzzword for hating on Xbox Live?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

LOL he probably thinks Open NAT is a type of insect and port forwarding is a place where ships park.

SixZeroFour3276d ago

port forward is obviously not were ships park...its the direction the ship is supposed to go in, im sure he isnt that stupid...lmoa, i think

yea, i find that some fan(boys) of specific consoles use words that they read in reviews, blogs, etc...and repeat it on the net as if they know what they are talking about, only to make themselve look pretty stupid cause they used it in the wrong context

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