PS3 Sales Up, PSP Sales, PS2 Sales Down

Sony's Networked Products & Services Division (the PlayStation and VAIO businesses) is reporting a 24.2 percent decrease in sales during the financial period ending September 2009 when compared to the same period in 2008.

"This decrease," states Sony, "was mainly due to lower VAIO PC and game sales." According to Sony, lower PS2 hardware and software sales as well as the appreciation of the yen negatively impacted business.

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TheTeam063327d ago

A legend is falling. Nice knowin ya, buddy. You gave a helluva lot of memories.

Cold 20003327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

Just bring on the PSP2 already.

zeeshan3327d ago

PS3 is on a roll. I am sure next year, PS2 will have almost died and PS3 will be leading the charts everywhere!

UnSelf3327d ago

the ps2 sales are down

but look at what kinda history ur comparing it to. The console that has sold more consoles than any other console in existence sales are finally down after 9 yrs.............

most consoles sales are down after 4

mint royale3327d ago

2010 will be is 10th year won't it?

It can retire soon happy in the knowledge that Sony completed their 10 years of support for it.

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PimpHandHappy3327d ago

for 100's of classic PS2 games on PSN.... this is the main reason why Sony took out backwards compatibility after the 60GB
and btw
it was a smart move!

imnotgoodtenglish3327d ago

taken out ps2 bc was a stupid move.
If they took the risk and stucked with it all the way trough,the ps3 would have surpassed the 360 in 2008.
Putting it back in now,woundnt barely push the console further.

PimpHandHappy3327d ago

if you really think being able to play PS2 games on your PS3 was a reason for not buying
we all have PS2's silly

imnotgoodtenglish3327d ago

I know many people who just bought an 360 instead of a ps3(in 2008 where the 360 had more games than ps3) cause the ps3 had no BC anymore.

raztad3327d ago

but the x360 does?

I fail to see, why would you buy a x360 because the PS3 has no backward compatibility. Thats one of the dumbest thing I heard in my life.

TheTeam063327d ago

lol, seriously?

"I have all these PS2 games, and no BC for PS3 at the moment! I think I'll buy the console with no chance of ever getting it."

I guess I can understand in 07 or (in some cases) 08. It was $400-$500 back then, after all.