[PCGH] Borderlands PC: Graphics cards benchmarks with Unreal Engine 3

THe guys at PCGH put the unreal engine 3 powered game Borderlands through the paces. Twelve different graphics cards from Geforce GTX 285 to Radeon HD 5870. Suprise: Ati hasn't obviously optimized their drivers yet as GTX-260 beats HD 5870 easily.

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Nihilism3275d ago

that's pretty punishing for UE3... i guess my hopes of running other new games like dragon age with 16qaa have gone down the drain

Winter47th3275d ago

Not exactly downhill, but the game replaces the lost details from the Concept Art with very heavy techs, I'm having a blast with it, still it's unforgiven on the specs. Wait for a patch.

JsonHenry3275d ago

I was wondering why my HD5870 was only pulling down 40-50fps on average.

The weird part about it is - I can turn on 24xAA through CCC (the game has no ingame AA options,so you have to force it) and it does not make one bit of a performance difference but improves the visual quality drastically. I thought mabye my dual core 6000+ was limiting my card and it was time for me to finally buy a quad-core CPU. But I guess I should wait and see what AMD does about drivers or hope for an optimization patch from Gearbox.

Nihilism3275d ago

once you start running high res with aa, cpu becomes almost irrelevant, i saw some crysis benchmarks a few days ago that compared the fastest quad core to a basic dual core (2.4ghz i think) with a gtx295, and at 1680*1050 with 8aa, there was only 1 frame difference across all the setups. unless you consider getting 120 frames instead of 150 running at 720p with no aa a bottlneck ( which is pretty much the only time games becomes cpu bound) then don't worry about upgrading. It's nice having a quad but unnecessary for gaming atm

JsonHenry3275d ago

@ above, you are 100% correct.

I WISH there was a reason to use a quad core in games, but as it stands right now the only game that really benefits from a quad core CPU is Supreme Commander.

evrfighter3275d ago

I can't seem to force AA on my 4890 no matter what I try.

Tried forcing through CCC. Tried forcing it through .ini file with no luck. I didn't see an option for it on d3doverride like some posts have said.

But the good news is I run it @1080p everything else maxed out and it usually stays capped @60fps. I had to enable vsync as I was getting screen tearing on my LED monitor so I'm not sure what I max out at.

Nihilism3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

supreme commander is the whole reason i upgraded my pc....i was gaming on a laptop with 128mb graphics before i built this pc. Quad still doesn't help supcom much, that game is brutal, there is a program called 'core maximiser' specifically made for supcom that you can download which will re-allocates threads based on the number of cpu cores you have, i always run it as it makes it run just that little bit better

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iamgoatman3275d ago

Those numbers are pretty harsh, but hopefully patches should help.

I'm running an XFX 8800GT with a E8400 @ 3.8Ghz, 40FPS is easily playable as long as it's semi stable. Hopefully with some tweaks that number will increase, but I average that on Crysis on all high settings, 1680x1050 and 2xAA. Sounds like some poor optimization.

STONEY43275d ago

Runs perfect for me. I love the game, but it gives me a headache if I play it too long.