Just How Different Are Bayonetta 360 and PS3?

We compare the final Japanese versions side-by-side.

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Natsu X FairyTail3278d ago

PS3 version is F1ckin Pale and Fade . WTF SEGA?

smh X 2

Delta3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Dang, 360 looks way better and runs better.
Too bad i'll only play PS3. I'll pick this up for 30$ when i can.

Curse you Platinum Games or Sega (whoever is at fault)

Natsu X FairyTail3278d ago

It's Sega's Fault they were the ones Handling the Port.

Delta3278d ago

Bu bu but Sega gave me my Valkyria Chronicles. You can't really blame them solely there has to be blame on Platinum Games. If they don't care if its that bad on PS3 (not on par with 360) Then they should have done something about it. (Maybe they did i dont know, but all I know is if it's Sega's fault. I can forgive them)

N4G king3278d ago Show
Delta3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Nobody mentioned GT5 or Forza3 in "1"
And i know what you mean, but no need to start a flame.


.......what's with the off topic comments?'s too hard to stick to the subject?

ReviewsArePolitics3278d ago

Blurry, no colors, worse frame-rate, certainly more fluid and sharp on 360. We've seen games that look much better on PS3, even multiplatform games, this is incompetence from SEGA's part. WTF sega?

Anyway, I think the last hack and slash I am going to buy will be God of War 3. These hack and slashes are getting too formulaic and somebody needs to pull a Resident Evil 4 with this genre unless they want it to go stale (and the fighting game genre too while they're at it)

ZombieAutopsy3278d ago

you really think you have any room to talk...

3278d ago
hulk_bash19873278d ago

kind of game using the dual shock controller, but looks like this confirms my purchase of the 360 version.

No, what it proves is that platinum games took advantage of the 360 graphical capabilities just like Naughty Dog did with Uncharted 2. Both systems are capable of producing excellent graphics, it all falls on the devs.

SaiyanFury3278d ago

Are people so quick to condemn a game simply because it doesn't perform as well as on the other guys' console? The PS3 version might not be as smooth as the 360 version but I played the PS3 demo and it never failed to respond nor did it feel funky in a negative way. It was very playable for me and I liked it. The whole magic and ethereal approach enticed me more than any Devil May Cry game, even though the framerate wasn't locked into 60FPS on the PS3. I do have a 360, but being a longtime gamer on Sony consoles (I'm not a blind fanboy, BTW), I preferred the DS3 for playing it. Just a personal matter of comfort. I'll be getting this one on PS3 because I'm more familiar with the brand. It was the same with Ninja Gaiden 2 versus Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. I have NG2 on my 360 and it was great, but I found much more comfort and enjoyment with the PS3 iteration, not only because it was the more balanced version, but simply because I was more familiar with the controller. Feel free to disagree, it's just a personal opinion.

ZombieAutopsy3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

We all know it was built on 360 and wasnt even ported by the devs that made it they had to pass it onto SEGA and they dont do ports too well. While i do think the 360 can produce good graphics Bayanneta isnt exactly pushing the bar and im pretty sure 90% of people who arent fanboys would agree that Uncharted 2 is the best looking console game so far this gen, and behind it is Killzone 2 only avaiblible on...well you know. In all honestly though if I do decide to get this game it will be on my 360 but that doesnt make my point any less valid.

but i can guess ur reply "They flopped"

Eddie201013278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

If you've played the demo on the PS3 you would know that it does not look like it does in the comparison. It doesn't quite look as good as the Xbox 360 version but the only real difference is the brightness and contrast and the way the AA is done on the PS3 version. With a little in game adjusting you can practically make them look identical. when I played the demo on the PS3 I didn't notice a difference in the frame rate compared to the Xbox 360 version. Anyway the differences in the versions for each console almost always are not as big as the fanboy's would like to believe.

Video capture is a little more difficult on the PS3 than on the Xbox 360 especially if the video setting aren't correct, also Xbox 360 has things in place to make video captures look better than the game actually looks when actually being played. Not to say that Xbox 360 games don't have a slight edge when it comes to some third party games, its just not that big of an edge, if at all.

coolfool3278d ago

What if we didn't compare it to the 360 version? What if just looked at it as a game and compared it to generally accepted current gen performant games? Well, doing this, the frame rate is still rubbish (this is probably my biggest grip). The colours are still washed out. And the game still generally performs badly.

The panning over the clock at the beginning of the video was just horrible.

AKNAA3278d ago

Capcom, let alone Naughty dog just made platinum games look useless...
Can't blame Sega, after all they did do a pretty decent job for a ported game.

Rtard THE HD VERSION3278d ago

I am alllzwayzz of topic .. Teh Salezzz !!

sack_boi3278d ago

FFS kids, this isn't about PS3 vs 360, it's Bayonetta X360 vs Bayonetta PS3.

zeeshan3278d ago

Well then I guess Platinum Games won't have any problem when Sony PS3 owners don't buy this because the devs were too lazy to port it themselves. But I am dead sure that we will see BAYONETTA SELLS WAY BETTER ON XBOX360 articles when they launch the game in the US. I think PS3 owners should not support this game. If the devs are too lazy to give PS3 owners the complete package, the PS community should spend it's money elsewhere (which'll probably be AAA first party exclusive titles)

NeoCloud3278d ago

Ahhh Damn And i was gonna import the PS3 version, i guess i will wait and see if SEGA can improve it in a few months time.

ABizzel13278d ago

Both versions framrates are choppy mess, but the 360 version is sharper and had better color than the PS3. The PS3 looks completely washed out. They delayed the game to Jan. for what because the game still doesn't work, but they better take advantage of it, because this doesn't make any kind of sense at this point of time. They put themselves in a bad position,

1. They tried to dodge Modern Warfare 2 (saying we want to dodge the holiday season with all the release, when every other developer did the same now look at 2010 it's worst than the holiday), but these are two completely different games. The Modern Warfare players aren't likely to buy Bayonetta unless its at a discounted price, which it would have been in 2010 if it came out this year.

2. Now the should take more time to develop the game and fix the framerate and color issues on the PS3, but then all the other hack and slash games will be out by then (Dante's, GOW, Darksiders). Meaning they'll miss sales just because people may have already spent their fair share on the other games (kids parents as a majority aren't oging to spend $240 on games in 2 or 3 months). Which means the best time for them to come out with Bayonetta would be Summer 2010 (which I never understand why new IP's don't try to release in the summer where's there's always little to no competition, plus kids are out of school so parents can get them games to keep them busy).

Good job Platinum games you just lost 30% of your PS3 sales (the biggest consumer of Hack and slash games) if the entire game is like that. And about 10% of possible 360 buyers (who don't really buy hack and slash games to begin with).

rockleex3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

For the American version?


Either way, Platinum Games should have built it for both platforms from the beginning.

At the very least, they should have ported it themselves because they know their own codes the best.

Christopher3278d ago

Makes you wonder how much these people really care about providing quality work rather than putting out a rushed and crappy port for the potential for a few more sales?

raztad3278d ago

If something is proven is that GRAPHICS really matter, "the gameplay" is not everything as some love to say. Even Famitsu discounted 2 points out the PS3 version. That said, I'm sure SEGA did its best to port this game, If the gameplay is really awesome I'll get it when it hits the bargain bin. Money is in GoW3.

JokesOnYou3278d ago

PS3 still getting shiiiitty ports this late into the life cycle.


ThanatosDMC3278d ago

I'm too biased on Devil May Cry to play the game... i hate the characters on this game it's just a fap fest to tickle their balls, IMHO.

gaffyh3278d ago

I played the 360 demo and the PS3 demo a few days later. The game just isn't as good as Devil May Cry imo, the design of the characters and graphics are just not as good. Then you also have a too hectic battle system.

Serious Swagger3278d ago

To be honest i lost interest in this game when i found out the PS3 version was going to be a port.

Parapraxis3278d ago

Unless I were to know the setup and settings for this comparison it is USELESS.
The games framerate is identical and it's gameplay is as well.
Simple changes like "Superwhite" off or on can cause an image to look washed out or sharp.
C'mon guys, we've seen enough of these botched comparisons by now to know better.
People hook their machines up to their HDTVs and adjust them for the best picture with the sharpest image and best blacks and contrast.
Anybody crying that the PS3 version is "washed out" is full of it.
I played the demo and it had great backs and was crisp. Coincidentally I know how to set up an HDTV.

pixelsword3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

If the PS3 version was adjusted with the superwhite and full color, that difference wouldn't exist. 1up (and I think gametrailers) uses "out of the box" settings although every PS3 owner with half a brain already went online and found out about adjustments and made them if they weren't satisfied with the settings.

takecontrol3277d ago

This game has superb graphics you can blame Sega all you want we all know it's the PS3's hardware causing these new superb looking games visual gaps between the versions. The visual gaps are getting worse the more the game start looking better.

frostypants3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Both versions look like hackneyed God of War clones. Bleh. I'll let the Xbots have this one, but it's a bit winning the Special Olympics.

@1.30: The top 3 games (at LEAST) in terms of visuals this gen are all on the PS3. Nice try though.

pain777pas3277d ago

Lets be honest this is not like the night and day difference between Mortal Kombat2 for the SNES and Genesis. Lets give this a rest cause truthfully I played and enjoyed the Japanese demo and may pick this up regardless. We act as if the game is unplayable or missing colours like the olden days these so called inferior ports are so minor in some regards that the constant comparisons are getting ridiculous. Lets just enjoy what is underneath the cosmetics a fun and forgiving game.

AAACE53277d ago

I thought there would have been some blind fanboy who would say the Ps3 version looks better, but for some reason, I feel like somethings not right with this.

I expect both versions to come out looking like DMC 4. I don't think they could mess up a game like this that badly. But if it turns out to be true... I would be shocked!

ABizzel13277d ago

The thing is the game is fun to play even though I don't like the cheap skankyness of the game. I think the combat is one of the most pleasing to look at and is a nice improvement to DMC. I hate the awful and slow camera, but it's a good game (based off the demo). But this bad PS3 port is going to give them trouble in sales.

SaiyanFury3277d ago

1.14 CoolFool

Does the game really perform that badly? I downloaded the demo from the Japanese PSN, and while the framerate isn't locked into 60FPS, it never dropped to a point that made the game slow down. Also the colours looked fine to me. I haven't tried a version on my 360, but as a gamer who has seen many ports to the PS3 this one isn't bad. You say the framerate is the breaking point for you. Was it that bad? I can play through the demo and the game never slows down to a point where I think it's bad. The controls were always completely responsive and I had no room to complain. I guess we're gamers from different times. I'm accustomed to games back on the original PS and before so a few hiccups don't hinder my opinion of a game, even if it performs a bit better on another system. I see people calling the PS3 version "a crappy port" time and time again here. The game is very playable and the framerate (from what I've seen) doesn't drop to a point where it affects gameplay and controller input. As for the colours, they didn't look bad to me. But then I'm also a fan of Samuria periodic games where the colours are very earth-tone with little deviance. I guess everyone has a different outlook. If you choose to buy the 360 version, then more power to you. I'll still be getting the PS3 version. :)

coolfool3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

I guess we are. I remember many glitches back on my consoles. The further back we go the more we tolerated the glitches. For me this began on the Spectrum when it was standard practice for a game not to even successfully load every time. Wind it forward again and with each generation standards have improved and expectations have been raised significantly to a point where graphical glitches and performance issues are pounced on.

I would hazard a guess (although I haven't played them all) that every "rubbish" PS3 port has been "playable" but just because it physically can be played doesn't mean that we should settle for it and be happy with it. Especially when there is a superior version out at the same time. People expect first rate quality games nowadays and why shouldn't they?

I just thought that the sweeping panning camera shots were very stilted and choppy. This wasn't the case on the 360 version.

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Noctis Aftermath3278d ago

These comparisons are hard to judge, mainly cause you can't tell weather or not the person has the right settings on the ps3 or if they are employing fanboy tactics to make their favorite console(360 or ps3) look better.

Also the quality of the video stream makes it even harder to judge.

I for one think these comparisons, unless done right, are a waste of time.

mastiffchild3278d ago

All I can say is that the demo looked nowhere near that bad on my TV/PS3-haven't played it on 360 so can't comment on that one.

To me it's a rental as I don't think it's Kamiya's best work and, as a fan of DMC, this feels lazy from the great man an Platinum. Thwe fact s that to me it feels like DMC lite but they dialled up the madness and added some breasts(a bit like they did with Sigma this year at Tecmo funnily enough-is this a trend?)-he could easily have phoned this one in, imo.

That said I'm sure many will like the approach but to me the laziness is evidences by Platinum not deeming S3 owners worthy of a real version of the game and frankly if the creators won't make it for a platform it SHOULD be exclusive and REALLY push the other. Sadly this hasn't happen here and they didn't even really push the 360 game as they had in mind Sega hjaving to match it wih their PS3 port so noone really wins-even if, imo from the demo, the game doesn't look like this on PS3 anyway.

I'm not saying it's great but it's not anywhere near as weak as this would have you believe-I have no idea what they've done to have it look so washed out either as I never came across that at all even if there was some slow down(though often at weird, quiet times in the demo for some reason rather than when it's busy). From what I played I'd be happy getting the PS3 version IF I liked the game as the faults I found personally wouldn't outweigh my controller preference(esp for this kind of game)but as I'm not fussed(unless there MUCHmore to it)it's a rental or a bargain bin for me.

Sad that Platinum wouldn't do their duties here, though, as if they had it could have been a good multi or even a bgreat 360 exclusive-for those who always wanted Dante to have tits and fighting hair. And a freakishly small head of course! Honestly, WTF is with her head? It's like a hairy peanut with glasses! Finally Kamiya is a bit of a hero of mine and this game just doesn't look or feel like anywhere near his best. Doesn't feel like he put that much into it and feels more like he wanted to have a pop at DMC4 more than anything but in the process he forgot to make the best game he could by rehashing a LOT of his older work.

Hopefully the mooted survival horror he's making will be a bit more original than this one where the wacky has replaced actual ideas for me. Shame as I REALLY wanted this to be good and be up my street and I can't, for the life of me, fihure out what Platinum thought they would gain by not doing a PS3 version and then allowing Sega to do it instead. How often does a 360 to PS3 port go well even with the creator making it let alone someone with no vision for the game? In the circumstances I don't think, admittedly from what I saw at home mind, that Sega did too bad a job-it'snot like it's the best loking 360 game ever made now is it?

Mc Fadge3278d ago

But the PS3 version seems to drop the FPS quite often

Christopher3278d ago

I'm not sure how anyone can honestly say that. The textures, framerate, and lighting is really poor in the PS3 in comparison.

Sevir043278d ago

i cant believe how much duller the PS3 version of the game is. and this game was on my radar... I'm sorry but Sega/Platinum games really need help. This is unforgivable, year 3 and they Still dont get it... My word... rental at best now.

Mc Fadge3277d ago

They look very different on your TV

tillus863278d ago

even if i want that game i would not buy it. i own a ps3 and thats a baaad looking game.

n4gno3277d ago


jokes on you, you are right, it's sad to see the better hardware ([email protected] believing they are in the same league after killzone and uncharted) to have some bad ports, but others are superiors, like bordeland, and the majority of good games since two years are identicals.

kenjix3278d ago

normally you always hear 1up and their podcast saying "numbers from japan don't matter" now their comparing different versions of the same japanese game.

If 1up is only concerned about numbers then
"Bayonetta (PS3) – 93,000
Bayonetta (360) – 45,000

Hey 1up I guess the "gamers" are just looking to play games and don't care about your 360 spin. You're making yourself look foolish now that the 3-6-0's true colors are coming out.


....that's a lot of people who wasted money on a poorly converted game.

kenjix3278d ago

Then I guess I would be correct in saying there are a lot more people wasted their money on a failing console. Are you upset you spent your money on a 360 now? looks like the only thing it's done for you is make you increase the number of comments you need to post in defense of your bad decision heh :(

Sorry man I know it's tough. Good luck with that though ok?

Delta3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Dang, you didn't have too tell him the truth. That was harsh. LOL JK 360 is a great console also :)


"Then I guess I would be correct in saying there are a lot more people wasted their money on a failing console."

now is that the topic of this page?

.....dumb, and an act of bitterness.

this post is a performance and graphics comparison about a game.

3278d ago
Rtard THE HD VERSION3278d ago

i see dead xbox ........

And i like monkey's !!!

Christopher3278d ago

Sadly, those numbers support the quality of the 360 over the PS3.

Japanese Console Sales
PS3 - 3.76M
360 - 1.17M

Percentage of Owners who bought Bayonetta
PS3 - 0.0247%
360 - 0.0384%

Not staggering numbers, but definitely something telling about a game released in the most PS3 centric area of the world.

raztad3278d ago


What those numbers say is that PS3 owners dont like to buy crappy ports. Inferior ports deserve the bargain bin or second hand treatment.

Christopher3278d ago

It says both.

Supporting the quality of the 360 and disapproving of the quality of the PS3.

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