Modern Warfare 2 Drops The Ball With 3RD Person View Attempt

The announcement of Third Person gameplay for Modern Warfare is incredible but, the problem is the addition was just added on instead of being something that could've lifted the overall franchise to new levels and possibly new players.

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GOS_SAND-MAN3274d ago

Great Job HipHop.. You'dun Dun it again.

StanLatMarveldotCom3273d ago

God these guys are idiots! It's a choice your morons. It's something added that fans, if they choose to play the game that way, can access. You're not forced to play the game that way but many in the community have asked for such a feature. There are PC mods that allow you to do this and it's a choice console gamers are happy to have. Again, it's an effing choice. God I hate the effing guys.

Chrisny853273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

how you gonna say they goin the madden way and adding little things when you didn't even play the game yet... infinity ward doesn't sell out. i bet a month from now you take all this back.

not only that but just from the few videos they released i can see added stuff in multiplayer.. besides effects they got throwing knifes, more perks, customized kill streaks.. more guns... what else do you want. IF they add more they might kill the already near perfect multiplayer. i mean as long as they support the game with map packs we gonna get everything we expect.

i used to think you made good points but now its clear to me. you want people to click your link.

if i want a game where i can take cover in 3rd person and magically see around walls, i will go play rainbow 6.

Chubear3273d ago

Weather you disagree or not, these vid article are pretty cool. I enjoy them. There's another gamer that does videocles too that are pretty nice. I think warzonegamer or wargamer something like that.

Other gaming sites should spice up their tired, same ol' routine with stuff like this too.

cyberwaffles3273d ago

"bit too comfortable with their success that they are willing to play RUSHIN roulette with their game development"

it's Russian roulette dammit, learn how to spell.

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LtSkittles3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I can't be bothered to watch this,because it's almost 4 am here, but is there any mention of the other thing MW2 did? BTW Good job on not using a flame-bait title.

kaixxi3273d ago

ohhhhh look its hip-hop lamer.
enough said

kingonyia3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

what's good? anyways, i dont agree with your argument. You're criticizing the game for not having elements that you want the game to have. though the notion of a third person view option with a cover system is cool it gives that player an unfair advantage against the the FPS player. for example, you can camp in doorways (like people do in socom) wait for people to come near you and shoot. that takes away from the 'run and gun' aspect of the game. with this, the game becomes more tactical and it slows the pace to a screeching halt. what ever happened to the developers giving you "their" game, the way "they" want it. i understand your point of expanding the fan-base to people who would rather see it in that view and it may do just that, however, not every game needs a cover system. it's not a mandatory element in shooters,and there are plenty good games without the feature. Also, i feel that your wrong about it be a rehashing of the COD. there were many features in this one that in any other COD. at the end of the day it's still a fps shooter. for example, uncharted 2 was not a huge leap away from the first game in terms of gameplay mechanics. like uncharted 2, it will be both the culmination of the new features added to the gameplay, presentation and overall polishing of the game that will determine the extent that they have taken the game. i'm quite sure you will say the game is nothing less than amazing when you get your hands on it.
in closing, hope i got my point across. i'll be waiting on the HHGS sunday.

psn KingSensei7
gamertag King Sensei 7

labaronx3273d ago

i would assume this would appeal greatly to people who play socom regularly

kingonyia3273d ago

however, you'd be compromising the level of fairness. MW is about quickness (how fast you can pull the trigger), accuracy and the ability to get the jump on your adversary. one of the main elements is the ability to get the jump on your adversary if i see you first and i am in close proximity to you, your dead. it's not like gears or Uncharted 2 where you can take some damage and get away. bullets due much more damage in MW. when someone has the jump on you, your dead.
that ties into what i said about the hiding aspect. you can hide behind the corner in a third person shooter and the person in that direction will not be able to see you at all, therefore giving you the advantage. the cover system that HHG wants would just mess with the pacing. that's why they took it out of the KZ2 multiplayer.

labaronx3273d ago

i get it third person view gives the person using it a better camera angle advantage...

NoBias3273d ago

Not really because the level of fairness would still equal out. It's not like people playing in the 3rd person mode can play against people using first person. There is no greater advantage because only 3rd person people can play each other and only first person people can play each other. I don't see where the unfairness comes into play.

And as for the cover system. Playing 3rd person (like SOCOM) and hiding behind a wall is really no different than Uncharted or GeOW. The only difference really is that your character has an animation of him "taking cover". Other than that, you still have the exact same view of the battlefield.

blackpanther253273d ago

There is a Difference between Socom and Uncharted 2 cover system. You are right but you can easily kill someone quick in socom while in uncharted 2 everybody has high hit point unless your using a super weapon. In socom it like one trigger pull and bam game is over.

NoBias3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

But regardless, it's still fair because it'll only take a quick trigger pull from your opponent as well (or a few pulls if we're talking about uncharted). Just because a game is built a certain way shouldn't ever compared to other games and be called "unfair" (in this case I'm talking about cover and bullet damage) because that's just how the game was built ha.

COD, R6, SOCOM and even U2 - there's no certain higher level of fairness in any of those titles over other titles. (Remember, in Uncharted 2 it only takes one shot in close range from the Pistole, Dragon, Shotty, DE.50 - which is a lot quicker than SOCOM. I know because I play a lot of U2 and I've been playing SOCOM hardcore since the first... I'm good ;)

kingonyia3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

i'm saying the advantage would be there if both the fps and tps perspectives were in a game. i'm not comparing other games to it in that respect.
also, the cover system gives you more of a advantage when fighting someone while in cover. for example in cod if your behind a wall and your using it for cover you step in and out while shooting to utilize the cover, but in games like uncharted2 and gears you can blind fire if you have to. you have more than just walls to hide behind, therefore, changing the way you approach a game. i remember while playing clan matches in gears, you never just ran out in the open you always hid behind cover and advanced, if you wanted to win. that changes the run n gun aspect of cod. thats why i mentioned the removal of the cover system in kz2's MP so that it would maintain that run n gun pacing and not the slower cover type pace.

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