Exclusive Mass Effect 2 Combat Footage - Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Explosions, Oh My!

Brian Leahy at G4TV writes:

"BioWare is releasing Dragon Age: Origins next week for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, but they are also readying another epic RPG experience for release on January 26, 2010. I am talking, of course, about Mass Effect 2, the follow-up to the hugely popular RPG released almost two years ago."

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Natsu X FairyTail4594d ago

hmmm Good stuff. I want them to show the RPG parts of the game next.

Microsoft Xbox 3604594d ago (Edited 4594d ago )

TBH...The gameplay and graphics look very generic.

kaveti66164594d ago

I have to agree a little with the fanboy above me. At least for this particular video. I hope the rest of the game has more varied environments.

Nihilism4594d ago (Edited 4594d ago )

looks like they've ramped the action up a fair bit, more enemies at a time etc, the graphics aren't OMFG, but it's an rpg, so it's per the standard. It's obviously a lot better looking than the first, and the frame rate is a lot better. Can't wait. First Dragon Age then ME2, Bioware you spoil us *blushes*

ReviewsArePolitics4593d ago

It looks like an incremental upgrade for the last one, but I guess you can't ask for much considering it's UE3 and it's a sequel. Also, I will play this due to the engaging storyline, not particularly because of its graphics or gameplay.

Gantrfaxx4593d ago

Looks pretty good. But this could be footage from a pc, not from a X360.

Chubear4593d ago

This craze with Zombies I just don't get it. It's like everyone wants to throw in Zombies into their game, no matter the genre. I wouldn't be surprised if Halo Reach had some sort of Zombie gameplay either.

I seriously hate this Zombie trend. You want to do a Zombie game, then do a Zombie game. You want to adapt a few Zombie like gameplay in your games? sure, people like it but flat out making huge chunks of your games with Zombie gameplay over and over again is ridiculous to me.

I used to be hyped for Mass Effect but I see this and it looks nothing like a proper sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed games of this gen. It just looks like an upgrade or a large DLC patch.

Nah, developers are getting cheap with their gameplay and I won't support crap like that.

JonnyBadfinger4593d ago

Oh and like Uncharted 2 isnt generic??..

Seriously people pull your heads out of your a***s. All shooter now a days are generic.... why? you may ask?.... because every kind of shooter has been done all ready. and done a million times over and over.

Calling Mass Effect and Halo generic, is exactly the same a as calling Uncharted and Killzone generic. because they are all shooters and they are all exactly the same as one another. just different coats of paints, stories, environments and characters. but the core game play is generic to the core.

Mass Effect 2 regaurdless of what fanboys will say is going to be bloody fantastic. just hope they have fixed up the sloppy frame rate issues with the game and texture pop-ins. Other than those little things the ME1 is in my Top 10 favourite games of all-time.

4Sh0w4593d ago

They didn't all of a sudden just throw in some zombies with ME2, they were in ME1 and fit in with the continuation of the storyline.

ME2 looks awesome, I love the cold sterile sci-fi environments, the usual great story, and improved framerate with more action makes ME2 a absolute treasure for any gamer.

SnuggleBandit4593d ago


While you can definitely make an arguement that killzone 2 is generic, Uncharted is not. What other game has the same elements of climbing, shooting and puzzle solving packed into one game? While the elements may not be new, the combination of all of them in one game is.

I really hope Mass Effect comes to ps3 though, not to piss off 360 fanboys but because this game looks like great fun.

Ausbo4593d ago

remember open world games will never look as good as linear games.

Uncharted 2, as amazing as it looks, is totally linear and that is one of the reasons for the amazing graphics.

Mass effect 2 is one of the best looking rpgs out there

Arnon4593d ago

Lulz Chubear totally didn't play the first one with that comment.

IronAva4593d ago

Well I love Zombies and they can keep em coming. Mario Sunsine 2...add Zombies. Little Big Planet 2... Add Zombies. Madden 2011... ADD ZOMBIES. lol anyway on topic, This game looks killer.

As always play GAMES not SYSTEMS

creeping judas4593d ago

Tomb Raider series for one.

Microsoft Xbox 3604593d ago

No badfinger, Uncharted is a perfect example of polish and a game built with finesse. ME2 is just another pieced together UE3 game and it looks exactly like most other game running on that engine out there. Technically garbage with cheap gameplay.

WMW4593d ago

to all the geniuses saying UC2 looks generic you do realise it is set in the real world right? so you can't change much but since ME2 is pretty much all fiction you would expect alittle more creativity from it but no it looks like every sci fi movie, game and show ever made.

Chubear4593d ago

You're right. I never played the first one and if it indeed had that type of gameplay then perhaps my hype and anticipation for it was indeed very misplaced cause that looks utterly average.

ME will be coming to the PS3 and I've been hyped for this game since it was announced but the more I see vids of ME2 the more I'm thinking, ME may not be what I initially thought.

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green4594d ago

I played a bit of Mass Effect yesterday and the graphical leap based on the videos of ME2 i have seen look to show a huge graphical leap.Hope this game comes out in january.

Microsoft Xbox 3604593d ago

LOL. Is that is your definition of a "huge" graphical leap?

danthaman154593d ago

Yes it is. Want to know why it isn't in your eyes? Because you're a Sony fanboy. Shocking, isn't it?

Microsoft Xbox 3604591d ago

Yeah I'm a Sony fanboy with higher standards. That's why I don't see much improvements in 360 games. You know I blame Sony for having to spoil me with superior graphics.

GUNS N SWORDS4594d ago

oh my god, this game's a beast.

this game has a huge chance of being goty, 60 bucks for 60 hrs of none stop action and drama....a complete steal for the money.

dgroundwater4593d ago

Agreed, it's clear a huge effort was made to make this a great shooter.

My big problem was the voicework! Since when does Shepard grunt like that when he is hurt? It's only him and Thane, so who sounds like a lame Marcus Fenix wannabe?

OrganicMachine4594d ago

nice.. can't wait.. I hope this won't put a strain on my pc.... which is odd since I have a mid-high gaming rig, the first one was a crappy port, hopefully this one should run smoothly..

Nihilism4594d ago

Yeah i have a good pc but it didn't run so hot. Poor optimisation is the culprit. When a game gets the same frame rate as know somethings wrong. Looks like they've tweak a lot of things for this though, hopefully it will transfer across to pc, my apologies to 360 owners who consider it blasphemy, but i am grateful that bioware chose to share it with us pc gamers too.

CBaoth4593d ago

Somewhere, this generation lost sight of what 3rd party status actually means. Great games should be enjoyed by any gamer willing to spend $ for it.

artgamer4594d ago

The shooting looks kinda dated, but its still the only reason I'm gonna buy a 360 controller to play on my PC.

dragonelite4594d ago

why not play with mouse and keyboard.

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