Uncharted 2 has sold more than 1 million copies

PS3Hype writes: 'Uncharted 2 has sold more than 1 million copies in just 2 weeks. With these sale numbers it's one of the fast sellings PS3 exclusives!'

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theEnemy3274d ago

But it deserves so much more.

Naughty Dog deserves them millions.

ifhd3274d ago

I got 2 copies .so i can with my GT5p fan friend.

G3TDOWN3273d ago

now that's not supporting... that's proofing that you are poptarded

Rhythmattic3273d ago

I tell you, I'm more of an FPS online gamer, but UC2 has totally pulled the carpet out from under me....

Wow, Amazing SP and no cut corners for MP online.

The Apogee of gaming thus far.

3273d ago
Noctis Aftermath3273d ago

it sold over a million within it's first week of release, the numbers shown before only included 2 days of EU sales.

sikbeta3273d ago

I'm expecting Gran Turismo sales, everyone need this game if is a real gamer

gaffyh3273d ago

Very nice sales, they've already covered their costs and gone into profit with 1 million sales. Everything from now on is just extra, still everyone needs to buy this game, it is amazing to say the least.

sack_boi3273d ago

I'm sure the game is selling really well and it deserves the sales, just pointing out the hypocrisy here.

ultimolu3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )


I don't see why anyone shouldn't play this game. It's like being in a blockbuster movie and you're calling the shots.

But then again this *is* VG Chartz. Didn't notice that there. -_-

rockleex3273d ago

You raise their numbers for anything PS3 a little higher.

Therefore, if VG Chartz says that Uncharted has JUST passed the 1 million mark... then we all know it had passed that mark a week ago.

Lifendz3273d ago

I've seen more commercials for Uncharted 2 than any game in recent history. Okay, maybe not more than Halo 3 (that launch was everywhere) but it's pretty darn close. See what happens when you advertise Sony! If only your Killzone 2 commercials were equally clever. Anyway, good stuff, happy for Naughty Dog and everyone that got the game.

Anyone else still shocked at how much fun the multiplayer is? I can't stop playing it!

gaffyh3273d ago

@1.7 - I think everyone agrees that VGC is not accurate, but is the only thing we have that counts worldwide games data. It is close, but you'll notice that PS3 games are usually undertracked, e.g. they have GT5P sold 3.19m, but according to official numbers it has sold 4.5 million or something

Arnon3273d ago

Luckily Sony finally came up with a good ad campaign with some guy who apparently plays a role in talking with his customers. Pretty smart. Their old campaigns were balls terrible. At least this time, they're actually marketing their games in a fashion that will make you want to buy them.

AAACE53273d ago

There should be so many more people playing this great game. It kinda irritates me that I haven't seen more than 15,000 people at any given time playing this game. I just thought it was a slow start and people were more focused on finishing the story mode first.

For those who are on the fence... Get the game... it is worth it!

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sakura20093274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

a well deserve game. no game in 2009 offer what uncharted 2 offer. i beat it in 2 days because it as just too awesome to put down. other people beat it in a day because it was too awesome

nix3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

i've finished it twice.. once for me.. once for my friends. they kept coming back every night for three nights continuously... so i had to play it for them because they liked the story plus the game. they aren't good with handling the camera in a game. lol.

even the chicks love the game... they just sit and watch the game being played.. i think it really is a great movie... but it's a fuking more than 10 hours long. i can't play it for anybody else now.. lol.

EpsilonTeam3274d ago

Anything less than 2 million is unacceptable. They really deserve millions sold. We'll see.

N4G king3273d ago

"Uncharted 2 has sold more than 1 million copies in just 2 weeks."

the geme got out 2 weeks ago
give it a break

SuperM3273d ago

lol it will sell 3-4 million lifetime at the very least so chillax

darkmurder3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Err well when ODST sold 2 million in 24 hours I think that statement is kind of warranted.

bjornbear3273d ago

Not really...look at Transformers: Rise of the was years biggest grossing it as good as District 9 or Star Trek or even Inglorious Basterds? No

Did it sell more? Yea.

No so warranted...usually a lot of the best stuff in media gets outsold by crap (just an abstract example) hence why i don't expect U2 to sell more than 4 mil lifetime,but i think thats still really good!

Congrats ND =)

DK_Kithuni_713273d ago

1.18 million sold in 2 weeks are great numbers but.. well, I don't get it. I'm not saying everyone should rush out and buy Uncharted 2: Among Thieves like I did. By the way, I think the game is a perfect 10 out of 10. Best game this gen so far for me. But 1.18 million sold in 2 weeks? There are 27 million PS3 owners out there. What the f... are you doing? Buy this game. Support fun, support quality, support Naughty Dog. Buy this game now!

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kaveti66163273d ago

It needs more. No offense but those montage commercials for the PS3 Slim are dumb. They show the games so fast the viewer doesn't have time to see the quality of the games. And, each game should have its own commercial. They deserve to have their own ads. Is Sony's marketing division trying to save money by putting all the games in one commercial? It's not a good idea.

SuperM3273d ago

Im just glad they didnt hire you to do their PR for them

kaveti66163273d ago

I bet I could make much better commercials than what they've been churning out lately. I don't want to see that damn guy from the old Geico commercials. Most of their current commercials show less gameplay than they should. If it were up to me there would be plenty more Killzone 2 commercials, Infamous commercials, and Uncharted 2 commercials. I would not bundle them all into the same commercial and show only 1 second of each.

unrealgamer583273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )


for the love of god read.

"They deserve to have their own ads. Is Sony's marketing division trying to save money by putting all the games in one commercial?

the rest are either multiplatform (rockband,madden,) or not released yet (gt5).

kaveti66163273d ago

Thanks for proving my point. Those commercials are garbage. They should be showing more gameplay, not a bunch of people standing in front of the television talking about how great the game is. And by montage, I'm referring to a particularly stupid commercial that shows multiple PS3 games in flashes, which make it hard for the viewer to know what they are, or how good they look.