Could the 'DSi XL' Harm Nintendo's Image?

In September 2009, the Wii did something completely unexpected for the console – it was outsold by the Playstation 3. The most obvious culprit for this could be attributed to Sony's price drop and marketing campaign. Instead of placing the credit on Sony, would it be more accurate to put the blame on Nintendo? The wand wonder recently received its first price drop to $199 in late September, but that could have been cutting things a bit close. But we aren't here to specifically discuss the console war brewing in the far east, but what affect it's having on Nintendo's bottom line. It's natural to assume the company foresaw this trend months in advance. Things lined up too perfectly to consider an alternative. Satoru Iwata is a smart man, and his company is in an unprecedented position since their first console. It's only natural for them to want to maintain this success, but will launching the next next next DS be the best way to keep their products printing money? You can only retool a product every so often before people will start to wait it out.

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