Sony: 3.2m PS3s sold during Q2, 27m PS3s sold to date

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

When Sony axed the price of the PS3 by $100 in mid-August, everyone expected PS3 sales to skyrocket - and sky rocket they did, according to Sony. In their latest financial reports, Sony has announced that they've sold 3.2 million PS3s during Q2 at the new $299 price point, while the PS3 as a whole has sold 27 million units to date worldwide. Their data suggests they also outsold the 360 worldwide during Q2, and nearly matched the Wii at 2.1 and 3.5 million units respectively.

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3sq3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Not that I care about the sale but this is making me happy to see those bots get hurt by this news, ha~ha.

d0nT wOrrY3280d ago

lool 8m gap
suck it xb!tches, by the end of 2010, with all great exclusives coming there's no room for FaceBox360.

knightdarkbox3280d ago

recently ive been hearing over pscrapslim heats very fast.. On the other hand Ive never had my 360 over heat, The only thing I can say about it is sony is ridiculous in make broken consoles for yours consumers

ps3slim sucks balls ;)

Queers of War3280d ago

"recently ive been hearing over pscrapslim heats very fast"

Articles, facts?....You have none, you say?

And as for your 360 overheating:

1) We know you're bs-ing
2) You =/= General Population

The gap is closing day by day.

Have a nice day, now GTFO.

weazel3280d ago

Do you even speak english dude?

"recently ive been hearing over pscrapslim heats very fast.. On the other hand Ive never had my 360 over heat, The only thing I can say about it is sony is ridiculous in make broken consoles for yours consumers"

(Seriously though folks, retardation is a serious issue, and young men like knightboxdark are flying the flag for community integration. Well done little fella,and hope the basket weavings going well.)

The Iron Sheik3280d ago

^^^That is the dumbest bot comment I have ever read. And that is saying a lot.

"The only thing I can say about it is sony is ridiculous in make broken consoles for yours consumers"

Hypocrisy at its finest.

artgamer3280d ago

HAHA, KnightDarkBox, PS3 succes is starting to get to you, I can tell.

I loves it.

Please sheds more tears for me love, they be my breads and butters.

Rhythmattic3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )


One thing you must add

A 360 that doesn't turn on is....

Good night Dark Box.....

PS . Love the O Z..

Sony on 360 " All your base are us"

N4G king3280d ago

what ??
"1.8 WenisWagon | 0 minutes ago - User is ignored"

oh i get it

Flawza Motorputt 33280d ago

The day the PS3 is ONE unit behind the 360, you're going to say something like "Still in last place".

Yeah, that's what a retarded Xbot like you would say.

PlayStation X3280d ago

27million ps3 owners gonna feel the luxury of getting spammed with AAA Games.
something you cant say about 360 owners =/

sit down penis, nobody takes you seriously lmao

PopEmUp3279d ago

I thought the Global warming was affected by the 360 overheating lol

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

I just Play Games!!! ;) Games is all i follow;) Saying that -



likedamaster3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

"But still in last place"

With Xbox 360 @34 million ( ) they will remain in last place even till the next generation.


1st. Wii
2nd. 360
3rd. PS3(last,fail)

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naughty573280d ago

The gap is closing between the two consoles' Whoa, and they said Sony couldn't catch up? Big news

Cyrax_873280d ago this accurate? Sony really sold over 3 million slims since September?

kalebgray923280d ago

with a year head start for microsoft .... plus christmas is coming up.... wow

saint_john_paul_ii3280d ago

im pretty sure this is 3.2 million for the quarter.

AKNAA3280d ago

I knew the sales would pick up after the price cut, But Damn!

ReviewsArePolitics3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Because every 360 fangirl out there was calling me names when I said their numbers were wrong when they said PS3 had sold below 25 million units. And since they called me names, they must know better. The username "mint_royale" comes to mind, lol

Goomba123280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Who cares about consoles sold!
$292 million net loss, with a total of 5 billion in the is that good?

What I really want to see is next quarter when the slim really has the impact, but for right now you fanboys are looking at the wrong numbers just for the sake of "closing the gap".

Nintendo just had a almost 30% drop in profit while the Microsoft camp hasn't released their reports yet, but I'm betting you that won't be good.

It shocks me to think of how fanboys can turn such a bad situation into a good one with the right wording. This goes for all 3 consoels this generation.

3280d ago
ActionBastard3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

I guess Goomba12 missed MS's earnings report.

"Microsoft announced another down quarter this morning. Revenues in the September quarter were down 14 percent to $12.92 billion, and net profits declined even further to $3.57 billion, or $0.40 a share."

As you want to focus on the entirety of Sony, don't forget good ole MS...don't spin the PS3 selling 1.4mil more consoles than MS this quarter. Let Greenburg do it.

EDIT: Why on Earth are you worried about the industry? It's not going anywhere. And to see members of that industry doing well, is a good thing. Be mad that the industry is down, but do it in an "The Gaming Industry is Down" article, not this one.

Goomba123280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

@ above
"Nintendo just had a almost 30% drop in profit while the Microsoft camp hasn't released their reports yet, but I'm betting you that won't be good."

I'm not cheering anyone on, video game industry is not performing like it used to and you guys are thinking this is a good thing.

I mentioned both Nintendo and Microsoft and their losses, this just happens to be sonys report so they came first in my rant on how the video game industry is down YoY.

And the consoles sold is great news for Sony, but it doesn't show as good news for the video game industry in general. This goes for net losses for any console maker.

green3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

@ Action bastard: Since this is N4G maybe we should stick to just the games divisions.

@goombar: Microsoft have have posted their result.

"Xbox profits way up due to lower manufacturing costs, Halo 3 ODST (and no real price cut I might add).2.1 m units shipped in the quarter slightly down from 2.2m of last year.Xbox 360 LTD shipments at 33.5m E&D has an income of $312 million."

Anyway, good sales numbers from SCE.They sold 1.2million more consoles this quarter than microsoft but they need to start turning those losses into profit as soon as possible.

ReviewsArePolitics3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

"$292 million net loss,"

OK, maybe THAT is right, but....

"with a total of 5 billion in the is that good?"

Uh, 5 billion? They haven't even reached 4 billion lost, they were at 3.3 billion (2 billion first year, 1 billion 2nd year, 0.3 billion 3rd year), so when did they lose another 2 billion? The aditional 0.6 billion puts them at 3.9 billion lost... so yeah, not even 4. I don't know where did he get the writer got 5 billion from, probably his ass.

Also, Microsoft lost 4 billion on the first Xbox which sold only 24 million in 4 years. It seems that PS3 will reach almost 30 million after the holidays end, and these loses are certainly more justified than the losses Microsoft incurred in because the PS3 was meant to cement a position for Blu-ray as a viable format, and it did. How is that bad? Do you have numbers to prove that Sony won't make all that money back and then some in Blu-ray sales and royalties? Wild speculation doesn't count, only numbers. I'm sure Sony didn't speculate when they decided to put blu-ray inside the PS3, just like they "gambled" with PS1 and PS2. Just for the record, the PS2 lost similar amounts of money in its first two years, so another year of losses is definitely justified for Blu-ray positioning costs.

ActionBastard3280d ago

Yes Green, lets.

"The two businesses which held steady in terms of revenue were Servers and Tools ($3.4 billion) and Entertainment ($1.9 billion). Microsoft sold 2.1 million Xboxes in the quarter, and is now selling an average of 8.7 games per console, more than any other videogame console. Profits nearly doubled to $312 million, and Xbox Live revenues grew more than 50 percent, although Microsoft does not specify the absolute number."

(same link from my first post)

That's great for MS's game division. However, Sony sold more consoles than they did, and yes, that includes the 360 price drop. It is what it is.

N4G king3280d ago

wow xbox fanboys are in some serous damage control
this place is like a math class

on topic
good for Sony

green3280d ago

You seem to have missed the part were i congratulated sony in selling 1.2million more than the 360.Even in the link i posted, this was my comment

"Anyway, it's always good news to hear that companies recovering from the recession. I hope Sony will report similar profits as well."

I am never really bothered about instal base but profit is my main concer for all 3 manufacturers.And since i care about the gaming industry that is the main concern for me.

ultimolu3280d ago


Well done! That's freaking amazing. Go Sony go!

nix3279d ago

today is xbutt-hurt day! q:

SL1M DADDY3279d ago

It's supposed to take 10 years for the PS3 to catch up to the Xbox in sales!!!


gaffyh3279d ago

Wow 1.1 million more in just one quarter, and pretty much all of that was in September, meaning Sony were tracking with equal numbers at $200 more.

sikbeta3279d ago

I want to see the face of the Emo kid who wrote this article:

"Will Playstation Survive Till the Next Generation?"

He is crying in the corner right now, or maybe...

Jamegohanssj53279d ago

I wouldn't be too surprised if Microsoft said something absurd along the lines of this; "We sold 4.6 consoles during Q2. We have sold 40 million consoles to date."


blackpanther253279d ago

Vgchartz say PS3 is at 25.5 Million >.>


Tinted Eyes3279d ago

WOW, only a 5 million lead, Sony is really doing good.

mint royale3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Awesome sales for the ps3 this quarter. This year looks alot better sales wise than last year for the ps3.

For MS, they made more profits than Sony but suffered in sales.

PSP did okay but it is struggling to keep up with last year and the ps2 is still a tank obliterating its own bestselling records.

Life to date shipments:

PS2 - 140.8 million

DS - 113.48 million

Wii - 56.14 million

PSP - 55.90 million

X360 - 33.5 million

PS3 - 27.02 mllion

@the guy up there that tried to call me out: try and find where I said that and I will give you a biscuit :)

Lifendz3279d ago

and based off the U2 sales, it looks like they are.

silvacrest3279d ago

as a sony fan i have taken note of the PS3 losses as well as sales but here is where most 360 fanboys have forgotten how sony operate, even with the the PS1 and PS2 sony started the same

they introduced new, expensive tech, initial sales where slow, they probably lost money at first because the hardware was still new and expensive, a few years down the road the hardware gets cheaper, sales spike, sonys playstation division is suddenly in profit once more

this sounds far fetched but its already happened twice

im just mirroring what other like minded sony fans have said

frostypants3279d ago

1.3:"im pretty sure this is 3.2 million for the quarter."

Yeah, but that only makes it more impressive, given that leading up to the price cut PS3 sales were just average. Can you imagine how many they'd have sold if the price cut went into effect earlier in the quarter? This bodes very, very well for Sony.

percephone3279d ago

I'm tired of these peoples saying that PS3 owners do not buy games.

PS3 owners buy games faster than 360 and Wii owners in the USA.

Software LTD (NPD Up to Sept 2009)

PS3: 59 Millions
Wii: 140 Millions
360: 143 Millions

Hardware LTD (NPD Up to Sept 2009)

PS3: 8737696
Wii: 21557481
360: 16251786

Months In Market

PS3: 35 Months
Wii: 35 Months
360: 47 Months

Attach Rate

PS3: 6.75
Wii: 6.49
360: 8.8

Using attach rate and time in market, we can evaluate the time it takes for each console's owner to buy one game. ( Time on market / attach rate)

One game every:

PS3: 5.18 Months
Wii: 5.39 Months
360: 5.34 Months

eagle213279d ago

My cousin just got a PS3 and it has been fun hearing him telling me all the awesome things I already know about PS3. I saw multiple PS3 ads during game 2 of the World Series and many more during my favorite shows. Sony is going to be happy this holiday. Get ready for Final Fantasy XIII on top of Japan. Oh, Eurogamer has an awesome God Of War III preview that all GOW fans need to read! :)


BEFORE YOU ALL GET SAYING 5 MILLION BEHIND! you have to take away the xbox sales for that period of time which will be atleast 1.5million, then you see what damage slim really did to the xbox sales

The Lazy One3279d ago

impressive numbers. I'm surprised M$ didn't drop the price again. They should at least chuck a 20gb hard drive in the arcade or something.

@Action Bastard:

I care because I own stock in all the major publishers in the industry (except sony and M$ because their gaming divisions are only a small part of their companies). Good sales for sony though. Should help with game sales for the holiday.

Homicide3279d ago

Weird, I thought sales didn't matter.

trancefreak3279d ago

Wow and vgchartz has Sony around 25 mill sold lol

Sibs3279d ago

And people said VG Charts are accurate...


likedamaster3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

"so thats only 5 mil behind 360
with a year head start for microsoft .... plus christmas is coming up.... wow"

Try 7 mil behind...

Attach rate is also @ 8.7 now for Xbox 360.

The-Warranty3279d ago

"Try 7 mil behind.."

Actually using your link to wikipedia, it has Xbox at 31 million.

mint royale3279d ago

Vgchartz are estimating sales to consumer. All 3 companies are giving us shipped numbers, that is why there is a discrepency.

Perkel3279d ago

@ mint royale

lol, only ms state shipped numbers :)

look at the source they say : SOLD 3,2 mln due new SKU not SHIPPED !

page 4 , ehhh

may i remind you that this is official financial record so they can't lie..

The Lazy One3279d ago

it says 34 as of october 09.

mint royale3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )


I'm not even going to go into how wrong you are theres just no point sorry.

The articles on MS's sales said sold too. SO using your logic ....

DaTruth3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

You are the biggest fanboy in the world if you can't accept that Sony reports "SOLD THROUGH TO CONSUMER", when they state this to their "SHAREHOLDERS" and not for the purposes of any stupid console war!

To pretend that such a thing is impossible in "the digital age", is just stupid; especially when so many companies are already doing it(including the one I work for)!

Just because you want to win a console generation, doesn't suddenly make possible and practiced things impossible!

mint royale3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

'when they state this to their "SHAREHOLDERS" and not for the purposes of any stupid console war'


Exactly!! And who do sharholders care who Sony sells to? Retailers! Because they are the ones that pay sony for the consoles. Seriously N4G is the only place I'd be called a fanboy for stating solid facts. Sorry but thats just the way it is. Sony's sales launches aligned are more impressive than MS's theres no need to lie to make them seem better like alot of N4G seems to do. There is no need to be insecure they are good sales.

And before you call me an xbot or whatever you should know I like and respect Sony and Nintendo alot more than MS. All I am doing is stating facts. This is the sort of business i'm in.

commodore643279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Microsoft has sold 33.6 million as at their latest financial report.
In fact they have sold more than this since then, as this figure is now nearly one month old.

With Sony announcing 27 million sold and MS announcing 33.6 sold,
the gap is officially at 6.6 million.

The gap before the SLIM release and ps3 pricedrop, using official figures, was 7.7 million consoles.

Thus, the net effect to date of the ps3 SLIM/pricedrop has closed the gap by a mere 1.1m.

Please, all you guys that are quoting different numbers can now please shut up - maybe even apologise for lying and spreading disinformation.

Let's all calm down and stick to the facts.

The Lazy One3279d ago

Someone edited the wiki after the post? really?

morganfell3279d ago

This report is making some MS supporters want to throw themselves off of the roof. The gap is closing and it is closer than you think considering many 360 owners have had multiple consoles.

Dark General3279d ago

Those numbers say Q1 2010 and Q1 2009. Now those Q110 numbers depending on when MS starts and ends their Fiscal calender either with Oct 1st being the beginning of Q1 or Oct being the start of Q4. Those could either be estimates for what they expect to sell through to Q1 (Jan) or their current units moved so far.

killersmoke3279d ago

After rereading this thread, what I marvel at most is - how, even after horrible quarter, Sony fans are quick to say 'Well, MS still has to pay for the Xbox loss, the RROD and the like.' If that makes you feel good and sleep at night, cool. Roll with it. Hug your PS3 a little tighter tonight.

So now, as MS continues to see a profit, and yes, fewer sales, but guess what? They are still making loot off the 360 - while Sony goes further in debt on every PS3 sold - I must be on the wrong planet.

I, for one, wishes Sony would figure out a way to stop the bleeding and admit they are behind the 8 ball. It's a shame to see the past champ coming up short for the past 3 years. Sure, the PS3 is outdoing the 360 with aligned launches, but guess what? MS was finally making a profit 3 years after its release. The PS3 can forget that.

In the end, anyone who didn't expect this needs some help. While the Slim may save them a lot of funds, it's not NOW. Stockholders want returns NOW, not later. The place I used to work at CLOSED not because it wasn't making a profit - in the ballpark of 15 percent - but not at the level they were used to - 20 percent. And we didn't make anywhere never the amount of cash Sony is making, but we would have been shut down years ago had we been tanking like that.

MS's loss with the Xbox was an investment - a way to get into video gaming. And it is paying off - a substantial console lead over Sony, the console is making a profit AND no real need for a pricecut.

MS is basically letting Sony carve the console lead some, drive up debt, then hit consumers with another price cut that Sony will have no choice but to hope to weather.

This is so very painful to watch this unfold.

commodore643279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

@ dark general

Microsoft quarter 1 ended September 30th.

In my link, MS reports 'life-to-date sales' at this time, which represent the MS estimate of installed base.

(hover your mouse cursor over the 'ltd xbox 360 unit sales' tab, to verify this definition for yourself)

Thus, MS expects 33.6 million 360s to be INSTALLED across the globe.
This is not a forecast, it is the ACTUAL result as at sept 30th.
Like I said, more xbox360s have been sold since then, so the number is probably closer to 34 million!

I have gone to the trouble of digging out official MS numbers and calculating the REAL gap, instead of the usual fanboy exaggerations and references to wikipedia and/or VGchartz.

I find it sad to see that i have posted these official, verified MS numbers and people still doubt and disagree.

The official gap is at 6.6 million, probably a little higher.
If you pressed disagree, why not tell me why you think i am wrong?

After all, I am just posting the figures that MS and Sony both publish....

Dark General3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

MS operates on a weird fiscal calender (Q1 beginning in July) then if that's the case, I'm used to Fiscal years for companies beginning during October (for the Holiday sled) or January. I didn't discredit your claim I was merely questioning if it was projections or the sell through rate to date as I stated above.

Also I did not press disagree, it isn't my style and quite honestly I don't have the time to scour this site like I used to. I usually only give bubbles now either to fuel funny comments or intriguing comments. This whole "fanboy thing" isn't even on the level that most people think it is but really it's just a machine of hype by a few zealous fans on both sides of the coin with arguments for the sake of entertainment. Be it for sh**s and giggles of making the "other side" mad or just to waste time. But that's a but a derivative subject from gaming news such as this which doesn't even have a cardinal effect on us the consumer.

I like reading these numbers since I plan on going into marketing very soon and I like to read the comments from both sides every once in a while since I have no real huge preference for consoles since they're only the middleman for the thing we all enjoy. Games.

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KionicWarlord2223280d ago

So gap is now 5.78 Million .

Keeps getting smaller by this rate they might be ahead Microsoft by november .

This is insane !

7thNightvolley3280d ago

Sony is killin it.. now.. MS be very scared.. they are coming.. ur aces aint working.. no more .. dude.

SuperM3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

ahead of microsoft by november? hate to break it to you but your math sucks, and obviously the math of everyone else since they agree with you.

(waits for alot of disagrees from ignorant people)

hay3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Q2 next year would be the breaking point probably when PS3 will reach or surpass X360 sales at latest.
We still have Slim sales in Q3, holiday season in Q4(where PS3 is now the cool one to have) and Q1 and Q2 in 2010 with tons of great games and system sellers.