Supporting the Break

Of all the assorted political and financial issues which face the videogames business in the UK, few are quite so divisive as the question of tax breaks for game development. Addressing this topic in a public forum invites a torrent of passionate missives from both sides of the argument - those who favour government support for the industry through targeted tax cuts, and those who argue fervently that business should stand on its own feet, as they see it, without turning to the public purse for help.

The reason why this is such a divisive issue is simple - it's because it cuts to the very heart of one of the crucial divides in fundamental political beliefs. In the wake of the massively unpopular bank bail-outs, and with highly politically motivated messages about crippling national debt floating around (few of which are supported by any genuinely persuasive figures, but neither journalists nor politicians are keen to allow facts to get in the way of a good story), the climate has become even more chilly for industries seeking government support.

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