Truthbombers Review: Hat Trick (iphone game review)

Hattrick was inspired by an old table or board game that emulated the game of soccer. Play against the computer or with a friend as you take try flick the ball into the goal net with a spring loaded footballers.

The objective of the game is to score a certain amount of set goals against your opponent by flicking the ball with a spring loaded footballer. The game is similar to real life soccer but a board game version of the game. There are a total of 22 players on the board including the goalies. So you have 11 players on the team. The encircling area of each soccer player is actually a shallow pit. It's kind of like the surface of a golf ball. Once the game starts either you or the opponent will have the procession of the ball. The ball will drop into the shallow hole and you can either pass it to the players on your team or aim for the goal. If the opponent has the ball then watch your friend or AI move the ball. To kick the ball, press down on a player and it will spring back ready to be released for a kick. Depending how far back you spring load the footballer determines the strength of the kick.

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