Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Leaked to Pirates 11 days early

"Firstly, we would like to point out that MW2Blog does not support piracy in any way.

It's an unfortunate fact that video games get leaked early, it is also common for images (ISO's) of games to be released even before the game is available in the shops! Halo ODST, for example, was available illegally three weeks before it hit the shelves. Well it looks like this is going to be the case with Modern Warfare 2.

Still eleven days until the hype train comes to a stop and MW2Blog has received word that Modern Warfare 2 is "already ripped and ready for upload region free PAL". We can not vouch for the authenticity of these claims but if the images below are to be believed there will be a lot more spoilers in the upcoming days. Special Ops takeover Oilrig and Special Ops sabotage Cliffhanger… hmmm. Looks like we got a stealth Cliffhanger Spec-Ops mission and takeover on a Oil rig"

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Madusha3279d ago

We all knew it was gonna happen. It always does with hugely anticipated games.

darkmurder3279d ago

Serves them right for shafting PC gamers.

ifhd3279d ago

this is on the 360 ?

Marcello3279d ago

Games are constantly being leaked for Xbox360 weeks before street date yet all i hear is complaints about the PC versions being pirated.

Very rarly are the PC versions leaked early nowadays yet we PC gamers get shafted & no one mentions the Xbox piracy???. Another fact also is that Sony dont seem to be getting any love from devs despite the fact that there is no piracy on the PS3.

This gen has been one of the oddest ever :/

vhero3279d ago

Another reason why the 360 is a plague on a the games market.

sikbeta3279d ago

I'm against Piracy but, TAKE THAT Activision... Muahahaha!!!! Muahahaha!!!

Now, Boycott is working or this is normal? (I'm asking seriously)

rockleex3279d ago

Goes around and around? :P

Take that, Bobby Kotick!

frostypants3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

To those justifying this due to the PC server issue (and though this is the 360 version, we all know a PC rip is coming)...

Newsflash: If a product really sucked so bad that you don't want it, you wouldn't steal it. If you're willing to steal it, you obviously want it, and thus should pay for it. Simple as that.

I don't care so much that people pirate software. Just wish they'd sack-up and admit it for what it is, and not try to make excuses for it.

I'll bet over half the people who signed the petitions were playing pirated copies of MW1 to begin with.

Activision/IW have the right to do whatever the hell they want. If people want to express their anger by boycotting, that is the appropriate way to respond. But theft is theft.

darkmurder3279d ago

We do want it but Activision have ruined the MP for us.

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sak5003280d ago

Great let them test it and get banned..

HDgamer3279d ago

They won't get banned. If you honestly believe that then you know nothing about piracy in video games.

KionicWarlord2223279d ago

Hdgamer is right .

Look at the pic .

abgx360 is the patch to stealth it .

Another 5 million customers activision wont get .

Doesn't hurt them

sak5003279d ago

@Hdgamer and Kionic

Guys i know about flashing, ixtreme 1.6 and 1.61, wave3/wave4 etc. Just saying there will definately many who will be careless specially when playing offline but they dont know the game info stores in rom on 360 and when u plug it back in LIVE it might upload the info and let MS know that this console played a game 10 days before the release and it is a bad copy..

KionicWarlord2223279d ago

Oh ...ok...

Guess it does happen to people who are misinformed .

vhero3279d ago

@sak500 - Shows how much you knew eh? MS tried to ban people who were playing online before release date in the past to find they were not even playing pirated copies but legit copies of games as companys had broken street dates. So MS no longer bans people for playing the game before the street date they use other methods like WAVE 4 for catching people out but the new patch for drives arrived yesterday and pirates are yet again safe from the ban hammer and can safely play online. Why do companys support this console so much with the sheer amount of piracy?

Goldenarmz3279d ago

no you cant play a game safely online before release it needs to be patched but since that doesnt come until the actual game is released you run the risk of getting banned. Only people who play these games are the pirates who never take their games on Live, other people have tried. And get banned, look at the forza people, all of those people who played Forza online and thought they were "safe" got banned moments later. So now, if you play this game online weeks before and go online you willll get banned. Only an idiot would try this. And M$ will ban you and figure out whos legit or not later.

Karlnag33279d ago

"Why do companys support this console so much with the sheer amount of piracy?"

Because teh PS3s is too hardz for code to D': waahhh wahhh waaaaah...

Devs need to think about it. Do they:
A. Make the game for 360 and lose out on a lot of money due to piracy
B. Put in some time and make a PS3 game and potentially make more money due to there being NO piracy...

I think the logical option would be the latter but then again; when did this gen ever follow logic?

Millah3279d ago

vhero what are you talking about? MS just recently did a few ban waves for kids who played ODST and Forza 3 early. Doesn't sound like you know too much about the 360iso scene.

If you play a game early that is unstealthed and is not verified yet, you run the risk of getting banned, end of story.

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3279d ago
villevalorox3279d ago

hahah. well the wrath of pc gamers will rain down on IW..