Unreal Tournament 3 to use" Gears Plus Visuals" with scans

In the latest edition of oxm(official xbox magazine), New details have been unveiled on Epics next big title. The game will support 16 to 20 players online. UT3 features 18 different vehicles to drive. The Unreal Tournament weapons you know and love as well as many new weapons been added .The sizes of the maps have also been expanded.The game will also feature "Gears of War PLUS" graphics. We are not sure what exactly that means, but sounds very interesting. Continue to view scans.

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TriggerHappy4750d ago

Epic is pushing for another evolution in graphics, damn, cant wait.

gta_cb4749d ago

yeh i know what you mean, and there not a MASSIVE company/developers.
man i do truely admire there work with Gears, i think its amazing, so with this i am deffinatly going to be walking down to Blockbusters and renting this.... or maybe i should just buy it =P

Systematrix4749d ago

"It's Gears on crack. Cover is for wimps!"

If it is even slightly better than Gears graphically then this game is gonna be off-the-hook sick.

NextGen24Gamer4750d ago

I love all the Unreals....and this one with 16-20 players online will be GREAT....and even if the Graphics weren't up to snuff with Gears...I would still be excited...but with the announced Gears of War Plus graphics....I'm super excited....I love my Halo 3 Beta....But there is nothing like Unreal...Fast Pace shooter action with beautiful graphics....I love Gears too....but all 3 while are FPS games....they play very very differently and are top notch at what they do.

gta_cb4749d ago

i agree, my last Unreal game purchased was Unreal Tournament 2004, yeh i know a couple of years ago now, but i still love the way it plays and have always liked playing the "Unreal" games, ALTHOUGH i have never played one on the console before....

LoveHateTragedy4750d ago

so I'm not surprised with that comment. Can't wait to try it out. Epic likes to run their own servers, so I'm wondering if they're going to have different online features for PS3 and 360.

TheXgamerLive4750d ago

Atleast on the Xbox 360 version, to be honest I can't see that happening on the ps3 version, not with the troubles there having and as usual all ps3 versions of games being delayed for months and months.

Ha Ha kidding, the ps3 version as well as the Xbox 360 version should look and play incredible. I think we'll all have a hell of a time, in fact what would be great is if we could all play each other if in fact they do use there own servers, but i don't see this happening, but it would add to the fun.

This game is going to be intense.

DJ4750d ago

If they had a Playstation vs. Xbox team frags, I guarantee millions would be on. =]

mellowspaz4750d ago

I'm more interested in playing this multiplayer than halo 3, I wouldn't mind some ps3 vs 360 action

gta_cb4749d ago

yeh i would love to play on my Xbox 360 against people on their PS3s

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Plancy4750d ago

Are they sure this is coming to PS3? All they talk about is PC and Xbox360...

Lord Anubis4750d ago

yeah, they have a PS3 version already running.

LoveHateTragedy4750d ago

I wouldn't expect them to let gamers know it's on PS3 as well.

Plancy4750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

Ah, I see. Lol. They do mention PC tho

gta_cb4749d ago

thats because MS are trying to push "games for windows" and well like stated above they wouldnt say this is going on there competitions console aswell.

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gta_cb4749d ago (Edited 4749d ago )

omg when i read the first bit, my mouth dropped in amazement that someone actually thought that lol.


@ Antan (#6.1)

yeh when i was reading that, i could see it happening lol, would be soo funny.

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The story is too old to be commented.