Dracula Resurrects In Sweden for Castlevania The Concert

An entire concert dedicated to Castlevania will be performed in Sweden on February 19th, 2010. The concert, called Castlevania: The Concert will feature music from across the series as well as an appearance by Michiru Yamane, the composer responsible for the majority of Castlevania scores since Symphony of the Night.

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RedPawn3279d ago

GD I wish I could be there! *sniff-sniff*

Bereaver3279d ago

I hate to hate because I absolutely love Castlevania.... but..... Could you really sit through hours of castlevania music?

Don't get me wrong, I mean, if you LOVE the music like you love any other music. Then by all means, it's ok. But.... I play castlevania for the mixed experience. If they had a huge screen playing an exclusive castlevania anime with live music being played, now that would be different. But in all things fair, it just seems like sitting down and watching an opera to me hehe.

Anyway, music ftw.

Dipso3279d ago

@Bereaver...I guess you just aren't that big a fan of the music of Castlevania. For a lot of Castlevania fans the music has become almost as important as the games themselves and for us there is nothing more breathtaking than hearing tunes we were first introduced to in the days of the bleeping NES being belted out by a full orchestra. You only have to search "Bloody Tears", "Vampire Killer" and "Wicked Child" on youtube and you will see how much adoration there is for debatably the greatest score in video gaming history.