Ubisoft: Splinter Cell Franchise Xbox 360 Exclusive "Until Further Notice" writes, "Splinter Cell has long been an on-and-off multiplatform series. Originally debuting on the Xbox, the series later made its way to Sony and Nintendo's platforms as well. Splinter Cell: Conviction however is currently exclusive to the Xbox 360, a departure of where the series previously was heading.

Ubisoft have announced that Conviction will not be the last installment into the franchise, so naturally questions have been raised about whether future titles will also be Xbox 360 exclusive. We managed to catch up with Yannis Mallat, the CEO of Ubisoft's Toronto and Montreal studios, at the recent GameON: Finance conference to ask him his opinion on the matter."

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ShawnCollier4781d ago

It'll be interesting to see if/how long this tuns out to be an exclusive for the Xbox 360.

ThanatosDMC4781d ago

Well, if they can get free money off MS then why not? If i ran the place, i'll be asking for exclusivity money and threaten then by carrying a PS3 copy of the game. I might even ask for some on the side for my own expenses.

Natsu X FairyTail4781d ago (Edited 4781d ago )

Now I bet the PS3 Fanboys will

1- Make PETITION of some sort on sum Fruity Stuff.

2-they will say that the Game was Wack anyways and they Have Uncharted 2 Even if it has nothing to do with this game.

what else will they do?

Noob4781d ago (Edited 4781d ago )

Duh. I don't think anyone is discrediting or dissing the game itself, only the amount of time it's taking them to release it.

Besides that, it'll be interesting when it does show up on PS3. Anyone else remember them saying the A.I. was too advanced for PS3 or something? It was something like that and the game ended up getting delayed for 2 years...smh

Aclay4781d ago (Edited 4781d ago )

"Until Further Notice" = Until the Timed Exclusivity Contract runs out.

The first Splinter Cell game was exclusive to the Original Xbox for a little while, then later came to other platforms, and I'm expecting the same for Conviction because Splinter Cell has always been a Multiplatform franchise since the beginning.

El_Colombiano4781d ago

Natsu X FairyTail,

No need for petitions on this one. We just gotta sit back, enjoy the GOTY Uncharted 2 which is the best 3rd person shooter ever, and pick this up when it releases on PS3 with far better graphics and far more content.

Either way, you can't tell me you are actually going to buy this beta. They're testing it for PS3 and being paid by M$ to do it too! Just buy it on PS3 when it truly releases.

SnuggleBandit4781d ago (Edited 4781d ago )

pretty much confirmed...this and mass effect you can pretty much bank on. The other rumors like left4dead i don't see happening though.

theEnemy4781d ago

Now: 360 Exclusive.

2 months after release: DLCs will be announced.

5 months after release: PS3 Version Announced.

Persistantthug4781d ago

It will probably get the BIOSHOCK TREATMENT.
As good as Bioshock was, it has yet to break 500,000 units.

If you treat PS3 users like second class citizens, your game should be treated second class as well. My opinion.

Of course, I recently bought Bioshock.....for $20 its a great game to get. *wink*

cyberwaffles4781d ago

"until further notice."

splinter cell: conviction sigma?

Noctis Aftermath4781d ago

This is like shouting that you are more interested in money then quality, nice job there Ubisoft!

Kassanova074781d ago

Microsoft usually buys one year exclusivity. The PS3 iteration will probably ship with all the future DLC etc.

AKNAA4781d ago

"2-they will say that the Game was Wack anyways and they Have Uncharted 2 Even if it has nothing to do with this game."

oh please... we're not saying this game is wack, matter of fact, I kinda want it. So yeah! good for you 360 owners, an exclusive that actually looks good! unlike odst and ninja blade....

oh and we don't need to use uncharted 2 to keep us at peace... Metal gear solid 4 does the trick just Fine! and still is til' this day.

BattleAxe4781d ago

I'll just buy the PC version.........Problem Solved :D

JokesOnYou4780d ago

The question was about future Splinter Cell games, not conviction specifically:

"Conviction will not be the last installment into the franchise, so naturally questions have been raised about whether future titles will also be Xbox 360"

So it looks like even future titles will be exclusive to 360, sort of like Gears of War, I remember the rumors about that too.

Looks like the guy is just so damm tired of the question, lol he sound like "hey just go ask management I already told you its exclusive."


creatchee4780d ago

I'm actually all for exclusives on any of the three current-gen consoles. Each console has something that it excels in, be it graphics or sound or motion controls or online connectivity or whatever. When developers harness that certain power about them instead of vanilla-ing the game up a bit to fit on all 3, the game is released in a form that is truest to the original vision rather than bastardized to go multiplatform.

I don't want Uncharted on my Wii, or Left 4 Dead on my PS3, or Trauma Center on my 360. I like them just where they are.

erathaol4780d ago

If they do release it for the PS3 months later (I doubt they will) it would be nice to see the PS3 version getting an expansion set of features like Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Bioshock and Tales of Vesperia.

pixelsword4780d ago

A supposed ex-ubisoft employee said it will be six months on 4chan... take it for what it's worth.

sikbeta4780d ago

Splinter Cell Franchise Xbox 360 Exclusive "Until Further Notice"


After Deal with M$ expire, Multiplat

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mephman4781d ago

For a company that's very pro multi-platform gaming, it'd definitely be interesting to find out why Splinter Cell is treated so differently.

OrganicMachine4781d ago

it was a hit on the original Xbox... and Microsoft wanted it to be that way..

Cueil4781d ago

Splinter Cell has always had a Xbox brand attachment much like Metal Gear Solid has been a PS brand... It wouldn't take much on Microsoft's part to get the game exclusive on the platform. Microsoft has had this deal wrapped up since 2006... so by the time this game releases they'll have almost complete mind share for the 360.

outlawlife4781d ago

big reason is because splinter cell conviction development was pretty much in the toilet and was going to get canned

MS helped out with development, the game completely retooled, it ends up exclusive to MS platforms

i really doubt you will see conviction on ps3 anytime before the mid part of 2011 if ever

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kissmeimgreek4781d ago

this has to be timed exclusive. who would believe MS or Ubi after all of these past timed exclusives that were supposed to be ACTUAL exclusives.

KingKionic 4781d ago (Edited 4781d ago )

Will see...will see .

But i will be enjoying that game ether way next year .

My god 2010 is going to be amazing.

Alot of games :

Bioshock 2
Mass effect 2
Mafia 2
Alan wake
Bad company 2
Final fantasy XIII
Dark siders
Dead rising
Splinter cell :COnviction
Lost planet 2
Just cause 2
HEavy Rain
THe Last guardian
GHost recon

I could keep going but i feel like some of these games are going to be pushed back .

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