Weekly Japan Console Sales Numbers 5/14-5/20

Business as usual in Japan: The Nintendo DS is continuing to lead the hardware sales charts, followed by Wii, selling only half the units compared to the sales leader, and PlayStation Portable. Sony's PlayStation 3 again saw sales below the 10,000 unit mark, while Microsoft's Xbox360 sales continues to hover around the 2,000 units sold. Both consoles probably need the release of a compelling software title to kickstart sales again.
Overall, it was a rather unimpressive week with total sales being down the second week in a row, even compared to pre-Golden week data. In particular Nintendo's DS sold about 50,000 units less than in the previous week.

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m000b14190d ago

Oh god another 100 comment fanboy match coming up.

Apocalypse Shadow4190d ago

good games sell's not that hard to comprehend.they need a reason to spend 400-600 dollars.

alsef074190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

we all are aware (360 and ps3 fans) that japan has the weirdest taste with videogames, they like pokemon and all that weird stuff, oh yeah if you wanna know more about japan watch MXC on spike TV

MySwordIsHeavenly4190d ago

Props for watchin' MXC

You get bubbles!!!

unsunghero284190d ago

I don't know if the Japanese would appreciate being called "weird" by someone from the same culture that favors Spock, Paris Hilton and numa numa.

alsef074190d ago

I gotta accept that paris hilton is a trip, and the biggest skank, and now shes going to jail...hehe...about spock and numa numa, i have one word HUH, and yeah japanese people have weird taste, so what

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