2009 Year on Year Sales and Market Share Update to Oct 24th

How are the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 performing against themselves and each other when compared to previous years?

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thedisagreefairy3276d ago

if we all argue over these sales then how will we ever reach the promised land of...

Solid Snake and Master Chief holding hands and skipping to the mushroom castle to bang Princess Peach. If we all join forces than we can sit in this land and have a giant circle jerk talking about how great our exclusives are selling 10 million copies every day.

If you dont unite, Ill continue to be alone in this land with my bottle of antidepressants and bottle of scotch.

kissmeimgreek3276d ago

i missed the magical mushroom ride to the kingdom... so the war continues!

Shang-Long3276d ago

i dont care about sales i just want more great games..but it does mean more ppl to play with so i guess i should care..

KionicWarlord2223276d ago

Xbox 360 still isn't doing better ...

I still am surprised that Microsoft thinks there going to out sell sony this year .

Doesn't seem plausible.....not at all .

Braineater24483276d ago

I think the PS3 completely annihilates the 360 in terms of appeal. Mirosoft still hasn't fixed the red ring problem. WHY? I've gone through 5 Xbox 360's. It's bad.

PS3 used to have the problem of having a bad game library, but the PS3 catalog is looking better and better by the month. Tons of great stuff out there now. Also, with the PS3 going down in price and the Xbox still not carrying Bluray, PS3 is such a solid choice. Im glad other people see that and are buying the console.

colonel1793276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Because of people like you who get the RROD and get another one!... Oh so it has 3 years warranty? So What!, I shouldn't matter, it should even fail in the first place. I mean, getting a replacement is fine, things break, but 5? come on!...

if it happened to me, i'd be like Fcuk YOU MS!!!!

So that is why MS don't give a $hit about fixing the problem

SprSynJn3276d ago

I am surprised that kids would continue purchasing a system that failed on them that many times. I understand that if it were under warranty, but some of them go out and buy the better model instead. What are they thinking? I am not even sure I would buy another PS3 if mine were to fail me, much less 4 more of them.

I am Legend3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

They most likely won't. PS3 had a major face lift this year. The 360 is gonna get their next big break probably when Natal launches. Until then the only thing they can do is make the 360 more appealing than ever. Hopefully lowering the price of live.

Competition is great for us.

ico923276d ago


and thats the funny thing microsoft is betting all there hopes on natal, but natal could totally backfire i mean the casual market is already familiar with the wii and with the wii pricecut comming soon i doubt natal will have any impact on the market

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FrankWest3276d ago

The PS3 should start increasing significantly its YOY next weeks

Duke_Silver3276d ago

this will get interesting this Christmas with all of the pricecuts

Optical_Matrix3276d ago

Well that graph shows the PS3 is outselling 360 this year. By 700,000 units. With Final Fantasy XIII coming to Japan this winter, PS3's price cut as well as the demand, I'm not quite sure MS expect to outsell Sony this year. It just doesn't seem plausible at all.

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