Street Fighter IV Is $20 Cheaper

Want to spend your weekend getting your ass kicked by a Dr. Manhattan lookalike? Head on over to GamersGate. They're offering the PC version of Street Fighter IV for half the normal price.

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riksweeney3367d ago

Seth is easy: Your distance from him determines his attacks. If you stand about a quarter to half a screen's distance away he'll just use his Dhalsim arms attack which you can just jump over and wail on him.

1111113367d ago

Its a joke really. Sagat, vega(dictator) and Gil are all way harder bosses than Seth. The first time i played against seth i didnt lose a single credit. The first time i faced vega in sf2 i lost about thirty, lol. Gamers sure have gotten pussies lately. Stop playing nintendogs, goddamnit -_-;