Media Create hardware sales totals for October

Now that the final Media Create hardware report for October has been released, the total hardware totals for the month have been calculated.

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Valay3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

Looks like all sales were down this month for the most part.

XxZxX3368d ago

XBOX 360 bottom of the list

Darkeyes3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

128K is not bad at all for the PS3 even after the Wii had the price drop, it couldn't outsell the PS3 so that shows the sign of what to expect in the future.... 15K for 360 in 1 month bad bad bad... Outsold by more than 100K lol.

Sarcasm3368d ago

Why bother talking about the Xbox360 in Japan. In December it will be a distant memory.

ABizzel13368d ago

Why poke fun at the Xbox 360 at all. We all know it doesn't do anything in Japan, so why point out the obvious as if it's the first time Xbox sold low numbers in Japan.

Lose the fanboy in you, and enjoy gaming.

sunnygrg3367d ago

With the 360 numbers at such low, I think Microsoft should just give up selling in Japan. There is more loss in the marketing department than what they would actually make with a measly 15000 units sold in a month.

FarEastOrient3367d ago

The DSi is in its own laws of physics and still dominating the market over there. >_>

SL1M DADDY3367d ago

You would think that MS is spending more on adverts and shipping than what they are bringing in with the 360 sales in Japan. That being said, they need to just stop now and pour the resources into other foreign markets.

ABizzel13366d ago

Ok just because, so called game journalist attacked the PS3 doesn't mean people should attack the 360. MS had a slight rise because of the price drop, and it had two exclusive JRPG's come out around that time so of course it had a chance not to mention the PS3 was still $400 back then. So why act like this was hurting you, especially when you have NOTHING invested in Sony. Love the games, not the company, because both companies care more about your dollar. Sony's just putting out more quality.

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knox3368d ago

wait was the ps3 price drop this month or last month? im being serious

Valay3368d ago

I think you're confusing the Wii price drop, which Media Create took note of 3 weeks ago. That's why Wii sales went up a bit this month.

Saaking3368d ago

Ps3 price cut was in Sept. Sony is still holding strong.

Valay3368d ago

Yeah, but this data was for October. I thought knox was wondering about the impact of the price drops this month. Wasn't the PS3 price drop at the beginning of September?

Saaking3368d ago

Yep, and the Wii price drop was this month. Overall, like you said, it's a great month for Sony and Nintendo.

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Serial_EDX3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

Wow the wii almost double its sales from last month.

and the Psp had one big increase as well.



mt3368d ago

because you said O'rly ? :p

boodybandit3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

your edit doesn't change the fact you initially wrote: "That is one massive drop".

Personally I didn't know what you were referring too but obviously the 12 people that disagreed with you (12 so far) did know.

Gandalf3368d ago

That console had a good run... oh wait, no it didn't.

Saaking3368d ago

haha, serial couldn't take the heat? Huh? You send me an insult and block me, very brave of you. You're one funny bot aren't ya?

FYI, PS3 #1 in Sales AND Quality.

3368d ago
Saaking3368d ago

No, you got a ban because you didn't follow the rules. I was banned from the gamerzone for 1 month and I didn't complain. Suck it up bot.

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Saaking3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

PS3- 128,642
Fail box-FAIL >15,702< FAIL

so much for the bots saying Japan doesn't matter. hahaha, 360 was dead on arrival. Well, at least it managed to beat the 9 year old last gen PS2.

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