Blu-ray laser diodes are in short supply

Blu-ray may be the next big thing, but the laser diodes are in short supply.
I would hope that most people would know what a laser is. For those who are not familiar, laser stands for 'Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation'. Laser themselves were first conceived of back in the 1950's and first demonstrated in the 1960's. Now, they are everywhere. But the blue ones, they're really hard to find.

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OutLaw5798d ago

I see a rush job on the PS3 it should have been first priority not last to make Blu-rays for.

mikeeno75798d ago

It's a pity. If they launched PS3 in February/March 2007 they will have more than enough. As it stands currently, they will certainly fail.

achira5798d ago

this article is pure bs. there is no reason there would not be enough diods for the ps3. its getting boring. everywhere where possible ppl invent bs. no proof, no source, but worthless opinions.

ironwolf5797d ago

Just ask a conservitive. Achira must be a Republican.

heihoosilver5797d ago

it looks like a ps3 fan when they invent, i mean they always invent.



they need at least 2 million.

uh oh.

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