Media Create hardware sales for week ending 10/25

The video game hardware sales data in Japan for the week ending on October 25th, according to Media Create.

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TheHater3369d ago

is loosing it appeal in Japan. Even with a price cut, it still cannot outsell the PS3

saint_john_paul_ii3369d ago

SMB wii will probably give it a boost again, but FFXIII will Push PS3 sales to new heights over there.

Saaking3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

Japan has made their choice and it was the right one. With the imminent release of FFXIII exclusively on PS3 in Japan, Sony has taken over the homeland yet again. PS3 FTW

EDIT: @below: good job comparing a portable 1/3 the price of the PS3. Of course it's gonna sell more, not toe mention that Portables are extremely popular in Japan.

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randomwiz3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

it doesn't take an analyst to know that FFXIII will have a big impact in Japan

callahan093369d ago

Yeah, the PS3 has held solid at 30,000 a week for a over a month now, that's good, I don't think it's going down anytime soon. With holiday sales in November, FFXIII in December, and the fact that over half of the games on the Famitsu most-wanted list are PS3 games means interest is staying high for the PS3 over in Japan.

Carl14123369d ago

How the hell is the PS3 still outselling the Wii?

I NEVER expected it to carry on for this long.

IzKyD13313369d ago

You guys are missing the most interesting part of the numbers.....the 360 had a MASSIVE jump of 808 consoles!

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Xbox Avatars Shoe3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

PlayStation 3. It only does everything, including outsell the Wii.

PlayStation 3 - 29,977
Nintendo Wii - 25,917
Xbox 360 - 4,470


morganfell3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

Serial, personal attacks are not permitted. Since you put a high price on comprehension, try reading the rules.

Open Zone ===>

prabx3369d ago


There are 6 billion people on this planet, I hardly believe Wii has sold anywhere near it.. but everyone understands what you are saying, so relax dude.

Serial_EDX3369d ago

@above, no but its doesn't make sense to sell 40,000 consoles every week forever since release date does it. Everything starts to slow in sells, if you don't understand that, theres something wrong with you.

BTW 6 billion people in the world don't all make enough money to even pay for food, let alone a console,

maybe 1 billion of them do, and about 1/4 of them like electronics and even less of them would even buy a system to play games on.

IcyJoker1873369d ago

Ps3 still killing it. Sheesh FF13 is gonna murder.

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sikbeta3369d ago


(don't take this serious)

commodore643369d ago


Funny how you called out 'serial' for 'personal attacks, yet you forgot to do the same for 'prabx' above?

Double standards much?

XxZxX3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

wow PS3 is beating XBOX 360 by alot in Japan and Europe...
Suddenly xbox 360 lost its appeals.

Commodore64, it's not double standard, but i see morganfell get the same deleted by mod treatment too.

sunnygrg3369d ago

The PS3 is actually holding up really good. How many weeks has it been maintaining 30K units? Bravo

The Wood3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

i didnt know morgan could comment on stuff that hadnt been said at the time.... Its obvious you just have an axe to grind. double standards you say

morganfell3369d ago

No commodore, it is not a double standard. I'll provide the simple explanation and then you can provide the apology.

I had been playing Uncharted 2 and took a break to peruse the board. I read the comments in this thread and responded. Shortly thereafter I left the article and only a little time after I logged off the site and went back to Uncharted 2. Since I was not here when prabx posted his remarks it is nigh impossible for me to have commented upon on them.

Attacking me over my lack of psychic abilities is somewhat absurd.

For someone that follows people around the board hounding them in the manner which you do with darkride it is hardly fitting for you to point out any such semblance of misconduct by anyone else on this board.

It is even more ridiculous when my only foul is lack of clairvoyance in having not been in the middle of Uncharted 2 and suddenly jumped and yelled, "Oh my god! prabx just posted a comment!"

Since I was not here when Booth shot Lincoln, am I still guilty for not reporting that when it occurred?

commodore643368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

@ morganfell,

yet, now that you have had the time to read prabx's comments (and mine) you chose to reply to me, but STILL failed to call out prabx!

Dude, if you want to call out fanboys, that's fine.
But at least be consistent.

Your lack of 'clairvoyance' excuse above fails, because you subsequently had more than adequate opportunity to address prabx.

Thus you have morgan'failed' to be consistent, even when given the subsequent opportunity, all the while telling everyone concurrently that you didn't have said opportunity.

Instead of giving me excuses, why not just call out prabx?
That would have made it so simple.

But that's ok.
Another Morganfell double standard, right?

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red2tango3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )


Oldsnake0073369d ago

Thats beautiful man :*(. I almost cried .

XxZxX3369d ago

what the hell?? beautiful ?? how?? almost cries?? HUH??!!!!!

dude if you gonna cry on that, u seriously have a playstation 3 obsession. and this actually comes from a PS3 fanboy.

LordMarius3369d ago

People are getting ready for FF13

unrealgamer583369d ago

ff13 will kill the wii in japan.

Aceluffy3369d ago

I guess the PS3 price drop affects a whole bunch of stuffs, huh ?
Damn you PS3, why do you have to kill your older brother ? :(

Saaking3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

hahaha, man you're one dumb bot.

PS3-29,977 WIN

Failbox- 4,470 FAIL

Can't put it any simpler for your tiny brain.

EDIT: Checked your history. You're not a bad as the other, but nevertheless still a bot. And like I said before, portables are bound to sell more because they're

1. More popular in Japan

The PS3 is the #1 best selling console. The Failbox is in last barely beating out the PS2, a nine year old system. There's a reason (actually many reasons) why people call it the failbox.

Serial_EDX3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

What makes you think I care where the 360 is, You twit, Look at my comments, I'M NOT A BOT, or are you really that stupid to label anyone who disagrees with you a 360 only owner.

And you must really be a idiot, since the list show

Nintendo DSi - 42,199
PSP - 32,865
Playstation 3 - 29,977
Nintendo Wii - 25,917
Nintendo DS Lite - 6,550
Xbox 360 - 4,470
Playstation 2 - 1,951

Mean PS3 is 3rd best selling system of the week,

>.> or is that math to hard for you. XD

so anyone who says one thing good about the 360 is a bot to you.

Wow you are the most pathetic piece of Sh-t I've ever heard of, You know, its sad you have to use multiple accounts just so you can please yourself.

somerandomdude3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

You sure know how to aggravate bots with your comments, they must hate you. But here have a bubble, nothing you say isn't true and it also makes me laugh.

ultimolu3369d ago

I Serial is saddened by this news Saaking. :(

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3369d ago

HOME Games Consoles = PS3 + Wii + xBox 360??? Anyway -

PlayStation 3 - 29,977 TOP!!! ;-P

Nintendo Wii - 25,917 MIDDLE!!!

Xbox 360 - 4,470 BOTTOM!!! ;-D


Last 'Month' in the U.S.of.A -

PlayStation 3 - 491.8K TOP!!! ;-P + it's $299

Wii - 462.8K MIDDLE

Xbox 360 - 352.6K BOTTOM!!!...AGAIN!!!... ;-D + it's only $199!!! WTF!!! FAIL!!! ;-D

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