These are the games that made Japan cry

Anoop Gantayat: I've never cried when playing a game (or when not playing a game for that matter), but I came close towards the end of Cosmic Fantasy 2.

The classic Working Designs-translated Turbo CD RPG did not make the cut in Oricon's latest poll, which asked people to name the game that most made them cry. The site posted the results, along with sample comments, today.

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George Sears3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

It's understandable. FFX was a masterpiece. I just hope XIII can take the franchise back on track.

Darkstorn3275d ago

Honestly the only game that has made me cry is Metal Gear Solid 4. Man that ending was intense...

presto7173275d ago

and I've played a ton of games. I just love 10 and everything about it. The ending was very sad, and even today, if I watch an AMV of it with sad music playing, I still feel moved.

Obama3275d ago

I love the part when Yuna was giving a speech and we see flashes of her memory in the end. I was touched by the ending very much.

stb3275d ago

talking about x that end was soooooooooooooooooooooooo made of win, when she launched to him for huge and that part gave me tickling all over. loved it.

ReservoirDog3163275d ago

I've never cried in a game. A lot of emotional moments sure. But never cried.

And when Yuna runs through Tidus, people say they broke into tears. I don't know, it just wasn't very sad to me. Now, the piece after with Yuna whistling to the ocean, that was sad. Whoever thought of that is a genius.

sikbeta3275d ago

When I was a kid always played games with the stereotypical big macho guy, so there was no cry there

Some RPG were so friend-love bla bla, weird

MGS the alternative story when Meryl died was the most close to drop a tear

Solid reunion with Daddy and Raiden end story in MGS4, If someone doesn't play the game, must see

All the games I played were for FUN

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aaron58293275d ago

It's THE only game i had tears ....

The ending itself was so sad... accompanied by that even sadder music...


*sob sob*

knifefight3275d ago

X did have a wicked ending. Those other games mentioned are lolable though.

Lou Ferrigno3275d ago

Yes FFX DEFINENTLY made me shed a great and enjoyable yet moving tear lol.. :(

i loved every second of that game.. the ending bieng my favorite part were you had to fight His dad Jecht while you listen to Rammstien for the music.. sooo Fvcking EPIC!

StrboyM3275d ago

My girl basically watched me play the entire ffX...SHE cried...

ok ..I cried

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