Britxbox: Podcast Expansion Pack 41

Britxbox writes: "You can tell when we're getting knee deep in the games rush when the next three shows are purely about the games we're playing, this being the first week in the rush. The Expansion Pack Crew talk about this week:

Borderlands - Deeper evaluation
Smackdown vs RAW 2010
DJ Hero
Third person mode on CoD:MW2 confirmed
Dante's Inferno controversy with baby killing!
Gears of War 2 hacking becoming rife just before Title Update 5 arrives

Don't forget that our Shadow Complex competition is still ongoing. The competition ends on Sunday 1st November at 11:59pm. Although I recommend you check out last week's episode, you can get the question here now. To win Shadow Complex, all you have to do is tell me: What is the name of the "universe" that Shadow Complex is based within?"

Send your answers to either [email protected] or you can PM myself on the forum.

Good Luck!"

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