Borderlands Gets Its First Patch

GB writes: Borderlands has had a couple of issues with players losing there stats or items among other things. Gearbox has not wasted anytime to get things patched up ASAP. The first patch for the game is coming on Thursday, October 30th at 2:00AM CST for the Xbox 360 and 11:00AM CST for the Playstation 3. The patch...

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gameseveryday3280d ago

Finally good news for the fans

williamkenny3280d ago

I don't believe it had too many issues anyway.

JsonHenry3280d ago

I had no issues at all on the 360 version. But the PC version... I spent an hour giving myself a static IP address and then forwarding the correct ports through my router just so I could play online. In the 20+ years I have been a PC gamer I have NEVER had to do that before to play online. NEVER. Even back in the Diablo 2 days when a 56k modem was the fastest you could get did I have to do things like that.

BlackTar1873280d ago

but i am so glad i didnt i would be devastated and not sure i could replay the game over if i lost my stats.

ANyways games fun only lvl 34 siren but the game is great everyone who liek s this type of game should give it a try and the cell shaded nonsense you forget its even cell shaded all the time.

joydestroy3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

there are mad issues with this game. i have the PS3 version. glad they fixed the backwards d-pad issue. i've lost a class mod and a shield when i played splitscreen though.

go to the GearBox forums for Borderlands, you'll see people talking about mad issues with this game.

EDIT: @ below, wasn't me that disagreed with you

BlackTar1873279d ago

i never said there were no issues but i can tell you the 3 people i play with and the 2 alternates all have had no problems. So we are either really lucky or its once again being blown out of proportion like always.

Im going with a 50/50 split were lucky and its not effecting almost everybody

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baldguy713280d ago

I haven't played the game but I'm glad to see the developers reconize a problem and jump on it right away and fix it. Respect!!!!

Christopher3280d ago

I've got the PC version. Only issue I've had is the first quest to pick up a vehicle just won't work on two of my characters. No matter what I do, I can't get the UI for spawning a vehicle to come up and thereby complete the mission.

Question for those who own the console version of the game, are precise shots really hard to get and does it seem like you go through ammo like crazy just to take down mobs? The PC version is pretty rough on normal level with killing some creatures. It takes me sometimes half of my ammo to take down a tough mob, especially those uber skags, and head shots can be very tough to get unless you're close enough to just shoot them without having to aim.

dead_eye3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

the skags did seem to take a lot of bullets. On about level 31 now and only takes a couple of bullets to take down most things.

precise shots seem to get easyer as you go along. still miss sometimes even though i'm pretty sure my aim was good.

oh if your having a hard time taking things out try resetting you action skills and pick a different set up.
really helped with me.

JsonHenry3280d ago

Turn aim assist OFF if you want to get headshots. The 360 version was difficult for me to get critical hits unless they are right on top of me. I started out having trouble on the PC version playing as the sniper, but once I turned aim assit off it stopped pulling my sights down toward their chests so I can get critical headshots like any other PC game.

Christopher3279d ago

Thanks for the tips, guys. +bubs

NexGen3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

@cgoodno: use corrosive bullets on the bigger skags...eats them up due to their armor plating. The big skags can be a pain without the right gun type/bullet type. Fire would be the second best bet, if you don't have corrosive. Also, shotty worked better for me than assault rifle or smg types.

So corrosive if you have it, fire if you don't. Shotty if you can, over rifle/smg. Explosive works well too, at least better than nothing. Hope that helps. Try to shoot them in the mouth when they open it and jump at you as well. The game is pretty complex in the sense that you will waste all ammo on some harder enemies if you aren't using the right stuff.

And about aim assist....even when it is off my reticle still tracks the enemies a bit...any way to turn it totally off like a real fps, or is this just something that happens to me?

Christopher3279d ago

Oh, trust me, I'm using corrosive, when I can get it, and other effects.

Just got a nice revolver that does shock damage and has made things much easier as long as I'm not taking on too many at once.

I'm only level 17 right now, so I guess I haven't gotten high enough to use weapons that do enough damage to take down fodder too quickly yet.

joydestroy3279d ago

yup shotty is where it's at for me. i like to get up close and personal unless it's a baddy up top or something. then i pull out the ol sniper rifle.

my weapon prof with the shotty is a level 9 now i believe haha higher than any of my other ones.

i'm a level 27 siren

Clubptxxx3279d ago

Try shooting the Skag in the back. It doesn't have armor back there. You'll do normal damage and can take down an alpha in a few clips.

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dead_eye3280d ago

must be more than half way through the ps3 version and haven't noticed any problems yet. haven't tried it online yet so that could be where the problems are.

Cherchez La Ghost3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Once you finish the final mission and start over. Your enemies will be at the same level you're at on your 2nd beggining. So if your Level 37, the Skags will be at the same level when you begin a new game.

My boys are addicted to this game to get all the acheivements. I tried to run with them on a mission when their levels were 34 and I was only 27. I got my azz handed to me. I told them "fcuk this" and soon as we complete this quest I was out. They laughed at me, but they gave me some sweet guns between 28-34. If you want a 4 player Co-Op that you and your friends enjoy for hours online, this is the game.

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