IGN: Family Slot Car Racing Review

IGN writes: "Family Slot Car Racing is a simple design, but it works -- and that's more than can be said of many of the previous Family series WiiWare games. Your enjoyment of this simple design, though, will still hinge largely on your own past experience with actual slot car racing -- I know that a big part of the reason I'm able to have fun with this game is because I've got years' worth of nostalgic memories to draw upon, along with an existing familiarity with the activity. If you're coming in cold, without those mental resources, you won't like it nearly as much. And you could safely pass it by.

For me, I may fire this one up and let my family have a look at it over the holidays. They'll probably have some fun with it -- and, if nothing else, it'll remind us to dig through the closet and get out the good old track set one more time".

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knox3273d ago

i downloaded this and i regret it