Kotaku: Tekken 6 Review: The Lag of Iron Fist

Kotaku writes: "I'm a big fan of the Tekken franchise, but I really don't care about the single player campaign. All I want is to be able to smack other people around online, at home or in AI-controlled arcade mode. So I can forgive almost all of the issues I pointed out. They're almost entirely about what I think is a completely needless single-player campaign. What I can't forgive, won't endure, is online lag. Let's hope Namco gets right on patching that, because until they do I won't be risking my piddly ranking".

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NateNater3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I just bought this game for PS3 30 minutes ago. It is quite possibly the best in the entire Tekken franchise.

I haven't experienced lag at all so far, and load times don't bother me. For those who can't stand load times, you can install the game to your hard drive and load times will be much much shorter.


i thought the lag on mortal kombat II was bad, but the lag on tekken 6 is absolutely HORRIBLE..namco needs to fix this problem.. i thought it was just a connection problem but its not, namco fix this because it really sux.. once again online play for tekken 6 is absolutely HORRIBLE