PS3: No longer the next-gen console punching bag

The PS3 Slim, the newest iteration of the PlayStation 3, comes with the lowest price ever for the PS3: $299. Because of the price cut, the PS3's sales rose in August and September, and many people see signs of a resurgence for the console.

(Credit: Sony)

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IcyJoker1873279d ago

How Ironic this is coming from Cnet. But it is true, with the recent sales surge and games I've seen less doom articles about the PS3.

darthv723279d ago

there will be doom and gloom ones back on n4g sooner than you think. People are just taking longer to find them.

Godmars2903279d ago

But has the 360 taken its place?

Hold on - this is from Cnet?!

Marceles3279d ago

Eh don't worry...they'll have an article where they're back to normal, that's how it always is so they can act like they're not biased.

"wow, maybe CNet isn't so bad after all"
(2 hours later)
"PS3 Doomed? We think so. - Cnet"

rucky3279d ago

Ah CNET, the site that shares their opinion about the gaming industry yet knows absolutely nothing it.

PirateThom3279d ago

The only reason the PS3 was a punching bag was because of idiots like those at CNET...

Godmars2903279d ago

Well that, and Ken Kutaragi saying "Let Them Eat Cake!" while trying to sell us...a cake.

Didn't help that two other bakers were also selling cake at cheaper prices, or that the people he was talking to feel entitled to cake.