PC Games Are Breaking Gamers: The System Requirement Dilemma

Blend Games writes:

"How often do you upgrade your PC: Every month? Every six months? Once a year? If you're a hardcore PC gamer it's almost an absolute necessity to upgrade or replace your gaming hardware about every other year if you even want a newer game to boot on your PC or laptop. The problem, however, is that games seem to be accelerating in graphics and visual quality faster than the prices are dropping for the hardware required to run them."

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Greywulf3277d ago

The last time any PC gamer had to upgrade, was for Crysis.

free2game3653277d ago

this just in, the only games you can play on PCs are FPS games

Xgamerzus3276d ago

wretched PC games!!
MMORPGS!!!Only good thing? pathetic!!

Now way a 1 GBRAM 200 GB pers second Bandwidth SLI card can ever create its own unique details and advanced real life Models and generated different unique levels and environments and create massive living breathing worlds on it's own and voice act and !!
You have to pay people to create content art and quality!!.
You don't get that On PC"s!!! very rarely you do!!!. but most of it is Recycled PC crap game genre's! FPS and MMORPGS!!!!over over over over,,
GO fck your selves PC nerds!!!
Get a console a PS3 and help the industry evolve to Hollywood levels!!!!

I want more Uncharted and GOW and GT5 games with massive budgets!!! and effects ans storylines!!!

tdrules3277d ago

omg is this serious :')

minimum specs for most modern games is for hardware from 3 years ago

Feral Gamer3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Yeah but who wants minimum specs with minimum detail and lower framerate? It's like buying a PS3 for an SDTV. Sure, you can play the games, but they'll look like sh!t.

And don't give me that "minimum specs still look better than PS3 games" BS

If you're going to want a constant frame rate on modern games, you need better hardware than 3 year old graphics cards. Sure you can run with minimum detail, but that defeats the purpose of owning a gaming PC because the idea of PC gaming is better graphics and higher resolutions.

I was a PC gamer back in the days of PS1/PS2. I finally got tired of looking at "recommended" specs because they were always depressing.

I'd rather own a PS3, buy games for the next 5 years and not have to worry about upgrading. So what if they're limited to 1080p? I'd rather run games on my 46" 1080p Samsung than higher resolutions on my 22" Samsung monitor.

Elven63277d ago

So basically this article is a round about way to say "The PS3 is more powerful than a gaming PC"?

What this writer fails to realize is it's MUCH easier to code for 1 unified platform than it is to code for a system with millions of different combinations.

free2game3653277d ago

That's a poor comparison too considering artists and level designers have to become optimizers themselves for console games which drivers up the costs massively for console games. Programming staffs usually make up 5-8 people in a 50 person team, the rest are going to be hugely effected by how much of a throttle and strain limited resources put on them.

DonCorneo3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

pc nerds can afford to buy the latest video card because:

a. they save money on mortgage by living in their mom's basement
b. they save money by not having a girlfriend (not really by choice, though)
c. they save money by not buying new clothes and hygiene products
d. they save money by driving their dad's old cash for clunkers

hey, pc nerds, you are almost 30.. stop spending all your money on kiddie hobbies like videogames and star trek stuff.

cyguration3276d ago

I'm sure you'll be getting e-mail bombed by some angry video game nerd who's meager self-esteem was crushed, since it resides in the "size" of his hardware that he probably paid a hefty sum for.