60GB Xbox 360 for only $200 in Canada tomorrow

InsightBits writes, "With the introduction of the 120GB and 250GB hard disk consoles it was only a matter of time for their smaller siblings to be sold at major discounts. Tomorrow, Futureshop, a Canadian retailer will be selling the 60GB Xbox 360 for only $200. This is an amazing deal if you ask us. Go on fellow gamers, go convince your non-gaming friends to buy an Xbox 360 now too!

Remember these are the new models and so are not likely to die like their earlier guinea pigs, err earlier models."

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gamesR4fun3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

no way am i buying box#4 no matter how cheap they try n sell it.

edit: its just a clearance sale tho 100 buck off the price is pretty steep. same thing sony did when they cleared out their old 60 giggers tho I jumped all over that still got it 400bucks at the time XD

3278d ago
bambooza3278d ago

Lol. Its not Microsoft. The product is discontinued so the store is selling it a large discount.

presto7173277d ago

Imma use that to upgrade my hdtv to something even more HD. Nothing beats more pixels.

On a side note, I would jump all over this, but since I play online, that's extra $$ and since I need the wireless adapter thingy, thats even more $$.

Yeah. I'll definitely be upgrading my screen.

4Sh0w3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Why did you buy 4 360's ? psss, theres a warranty you don't have to pay anything for 3yrs of ownership.

Chubear3277d ago

Uhm, $200 for a 360 & it's known hardware issues then $120 for 2 games to get started (approx$350 total) or use that money for Demon Souls, Uncharted, GoW, MAG, Heavy Rain and GT5... uhmmmmmm, 360+2games or 6games for my PS3, tough decision.

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MetalGearRising3278d ago

It's time to jump in Sony fans. Its at the right price for you poor sorry ass fans and prove u have what it takes to face me and Millions of die hard fans on xbox live. So whats it gonna be u are either a MOUSE or a MAN prove it.

thebudgetgamer3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )


to bad i dont live in canada.

CryWolf3277d ago

If their any canadians out there don't buy this piece of trash of a console, its just going to disappointed you with its RROD problems and if Microshit say that they fix it their lying too you then.

wicked3277d ago

you seem really bitter towards the xbox have you had a bad experience with one?

Sky Sentry3277d ago

No one is bitter. We are just smart enough not buy a $200 paper weight.

CryWolf3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

who haven't had a bad experience with xbot if you go all over the internet you find anybody that had a 360 got a PS3 cause its superior and Sony is alot more smarter then Microshit is, why would any company release a console out early if its already having problems in the first place then.

CryWolf3277d ago

I feel sorry for Canada if they buy this console.

RAAAAAGE3277d ago

I feel sorry for your pathetic trolling, and all the idiots who agree with you. I thought this was the gamer zone.
A 60gig for the price of an arcade is a good deal.

NoBias3277d ago

If only you beat some sense into them... Hmm... Hey what's your address CryBaby?

Memo-Xen x31003277d ago

I called in sick to work all last week. Only 50 bucks more than what the 360 console is worth in my opinion. In perspective I'd rather wait until Alan Wake, Halo Reach, Mass Effect 2 drop. Hell, Gears 4 will likely be out before I buy one.

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