Gaming Age: Borderlands Review

Gaming Age writes: "As much fun as I'm going to have in my life with comparing this to Fallout 3, they are different games in the end. Each knows what it is and while a crossover crowd will exist, both titles will cater to the userbase they aim to please. Borderlands is definitely a lot more concise and action-oriented, which works out really well in my opinion. The multiplayer aspect gives it a lot of longevity, which is supplemented with New Game+ features as well. Mission variety is decent and enemies are well varied within their types, although the most addictive part of the game's missions will be the underlying RPG elements that allow further customization and adjustments throughout the length of the title. Borderlands will have a lot of people coming back for more despite its shortcomings, and is by all means a notable title for the year".

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