[email protected] Exclusive Interview: Indie Games Arcade dev, David Heyward, speaks to us about why indie games make him tick

Gamer's Guide to Life writes: "If you've been following the Eurogamer Expo coverage across the internet so far, you'll have heard about all the triple-A titles which will be there - Brink, Assassin's Creed II, Forza 3, God of War III and Left 4 Dead 2 amongst others. However, even more exciting than those titles (yes, possible) might be the idea of many creative minds in one place, all with developments which they had complete control over. Developments which might just be some of the most original in the industry at the moment. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the Indie Games Arcade.

"With the Indie Games Arcade being one of the parts of the expo which Jacques and I are most looking forward to, we thought it'd be nice if we tried to get an exclusive peek at what could be there. So we contacted Mr. David Heyward of Pixel-Lab to find out precisely why indie games make him tick."

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