Relentless working on two unannounced PS3 games for 2010

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

Second party UK developer Relentless Software is working on two new unannounced PS3 projects due for 2010, according to a presentation given to Brighton University.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3274d ago

Great news.PS3 exclusives arrive by the truckload.

Exclusives don't even go on the same sentence as the.

Xbox 360 only flops belong to it

TheDudeAbides3274d ago

everybody says 2009 is Sony's best year so far, but 2010 oh man

Chubear3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Sony's exclusives just drip with quality. I simply find no need to buy multiplat games at full purchase.

cliffbo3274d ago

i'm a PS3 fan, but do we really have to take every opportunity to have a dig at the 360? when it's warranted, yes, but lets try to keep it civil as much as possible. this is great news, not more ammunition

MetalGearRising3274d ago

So does Microsoft have Second party developers working on unannounced xbox360 games for 2010 so what's new.

Gandalf3274d ago

Microsoft is lying to you. They don't have any second party developers. Hell, they barely have first party.

TheDudeAbides3274d ago

wow, id say putting Rising in the avatar, shows how miserable Microsoft's lineup is...

DK_Kithuni_713274d ago

Your posts are always 100% useless. Glad to see your bubbles go away. I take one very chance I get.

cereal_killa3274d ago

yeah MetalGearMuppet they do Epic is working on Gears and Bungi is working on Halo what else is new.

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Saaking3274d ago

More exclusives for the machine that only does everything.

presto7173274d ago


I don't know why, but that cracked my up.


xabmol3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

-Sony Computer Entertainment-


Lilith_Belial3274d ago

you forgot to shave a couple of pounds off the PS3

kira423274d ago

Just hoping its a RPG or action game im tired of shooters

N4G king3274d ago

ok lest say that one of them is a BUZZ! game
what would be the other one ??

shadow27973273d ago

"Relentless clearly states that this new project won't be based on either Buzz! or Blue Toad, but is "something that everyone can enjoy and plays to our strengths in the social game genre"."

I'm thinking Motion Wand game. This just screams it.

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Sevir043274d ago

thats cool. i wonder what these 2 games are gonna be. if they are due for 2010 then they gotta be PSN titles

SuperM3274d ago

Its probably casual oriented games like buzz (they are the makers of buzz)

shadowfox3274d ago

I imagine the other one is a new Buzz! game. Am interested in seeing what the new IP is. Blue Toad Murder Files definitely piqued my interest.

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The story is too old to be commented.