Play Ten: Designing For PS3 Like 'Driving A Ferrari'

Play Ten is coming out with The Wall early in 2008 for the PS3, and IGN has called it "worth checking out". The official website described it as "an FPS with an emphasis on the single player mode. However, it also contains RPG and RTS elements that greatly enhance gameplay. The player's weapons are customizable, both in function and appearance."

achira6170d ago

yes designing for a ps3 is like driving with a ferrari !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where are the xbots ???????????????????????????? loooooosers.

joemutt6170d ago

Developing for 360 is like flying an F-16.

I wonder if this guy has ever driven a Ferrari, oh, I bet he has, on Project Gotham 3!!!!

zypher6170d ago

so far The Wall looks promising. yeah, it may be a PS3 exclusive, and yeah, there are apparently STILL some people in the gaming community (such as Play Ten) who have faith in the PS3; but there's no need to start calling XBox fans Xbots.

Mikey_Gee6170d ago (Edited 6170d ago )

PS3Land: In your personal opinion, do you see a difference in PS3 vs Xbox 360? Hardware and Games (ex: graphically, processing, etc.)
Play Ten: This is a tricky question. From one side, the differences are obvious. Both platforms have certain strong and weak points. But I’d prefer not to comment on them, to avoid embarking on a next-gen crusade or a holy war between the platforms, or something. Let’s say we chose PS3 after a long research and many hot arguments.
Even if they did choose the PS3, it is not like it was a stupid simple choice and very clear cut due to one console being ligh years better than the other.
I really wish the Console wars would stop .... or at least the fanboys from both ends would just STFU for a while.

- "BOTH CONSOLES" have strong and week points

Show that both have pros and cons but none is a hands down better platform.

I am glad I will have both, then I will no longer have to read all the BIAS one sided comments from "BOTH SIDES". I will know for myself.

joemutt6170d ago

To find differences in PS3 and 360, these guys had "Hot arguments" and put in "Long research" trying to find out which is better.

If it takes professionals that long to decide, me, you, and the average joe, will never be able to tell the difference.

kingboy6170d ago (Edited 6170d ago )

Easy man! chill a little..bashing time begins November..

PS360PCROCKS6170d ago

You can't compare the two systems because their designed differently, Microsoft designed theirs the way they thought was best and Sony did the same, their totally unable to compare it's why they had "hot arguments" one guy was saying, "well it's a triple core architecture with 512 MB memory and that would be alot of power" and another guy would say "well it's got cell and 7 spe which is basically 7 processors, and that's more" it's opinion you can't compare the two

BOSS6170d ago

Right, like driving a 1940 Ferrari.

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