250GB Forza 3 Xbox 360 console now available in Canada

Jade sent out an very interesting tweet today. She indicated that Microsoft and EBGames Canada have teamed up to release an exclusive Forza 3 Xbox 360 Elite bundle complete with 250GB hard drive and 2 black wireless controllers. No word yet if this is the same bundle that will be released in Europe. The bundle should be available now at your local Canadian EBGames and Gamestop for 399.99 Cdn (that is $370 US).

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sak5003275d ago

I'm waiting for MW2 one since my 360 got rrod after 3 years of continuous use. I'm trying register it again for the free repair but getting an existing fixed RROD'd console to be fixed again is not possible via

soxfan20053275d ago

That's a really good price considering the upgraded hard drive, extra controller, and a copy of Forza 3.