Resistance Online Goes International

Accoring to a recent Japanese press release from Sony, the following will take place June 1st;

- Resistance International servers, as well as the map pack will be available June 1st, with the map pack costing 800yen.

- Motorstorm content will be made available at the same time, no price was listed.

- Folk Soul demo will also be uploaded to the PSN on June 1st.

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nix4750d ago

already??? that was fast...

consolecrusader4750d ago

I am excited about this BONZAIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

Lord Anubis4750d ago

nice, i want to kick some international arse.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4750d ago

June 1st is a friday is it not.
i wonder what will happen on Thursday.

all of this is great.
w/ Folksoul coming so fast, it makes me wonder how long it`ll be for a HS demo.
cause this came out of nowhere.

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The story is too old to be commented.