Konami Announces DanceDanceRevolution Now Available For Wii and PlayStation 2

Konami has sent word that DanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY 3 for the Wii and DanceDanceRevolution X2 for the PlayStation 2 has been released in North America. The game includes really cool tracks such as Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Pussycat Dolls, P!nk, Black Eyed Peas and more.

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Yuprules3276d ago

Guess only Metal Gear Solid games for PS3, no DDR yet.

Myst3276d ago

There is supposed to be a DDR next year if I remember correctly for all 3.

Yep, just checked and gamestop has one listed for PS3 and 360. I guess they aren't making a Wii version from the same one.