New BioShock 2 Multiplayer Info Next Week writes, "Digital Extremes, the team behind Bioshock 2's multiplayer, and 2K Games have scheduled a 40 minute demonstration of Bioshock 2's multiplayer for next week's DIG London 2009 game developers conference."

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mephman3276d ago

What they've announced about the multiplayer so far has made it seem pretty detailed. Hopefully things will only get better.

Selyah3276d ago

Yeah hope so, and it does sound quite interesting as it is.

Kyll3276d ago

yeah, hopefully the actually play the game for the majority of those 40 minutes

MetalGearRising3276d ago

Exclusive to xbox360 i hope finger crossed every xbox360 owner.

Pandamobile3276d ago

Bioshock has never been a 360 exclusive, why would it be now?