Breaking Down the Nintendo Wii 2 with Blu-ray Rumor

Bottom line: "It's way too early to say whether this rumor will pan out and we'll be looking at a true Wii HD in late 2010. Based on a simple analysis, nothing it presents is too far fetched for us to write it off at this time."

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Subzero200x3276d ago

There is no wii2 or blueray why would nintendo use outdated tech when the new wave of consoles is around the corner?

artgamer3276d ago

lol, the new wave of consoles is NOT around the corner.

theEnemy3276d ago

You mean the:


and the "released"

PS3 Slim ?


ChickeyCantor3276d ago

"why would nintendo use outdated tech "

...Something is just hilarious about this xD

sikbeta3276d ago

"There is no wii2 or blueray why would nintendo use outdated tech when the new wave of consoles is around the corner?"

lol who is apparently talking, a wii fanboy, outdated tech remind me of the wii media format, what they still using N64 cartridges and remaining parts of the Gamecube spread in an old chinese factory

Motion fanboys are the most:

rockleex3276d ago

Had to laugh at Subzero200x's comment.

ChickeyCantor3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

" Even Sidar..."

O come on, most of you who call me a fanboy dont even know my point of view.

" Motion fanboys are the most:"
In his defense, he did not mention anything about motion.
And since a new way of motion controllers are coming to Ps3(where Ps3 already has the sixaxis) and 360 too..that picture will apply to allot more....well at least in your opinion.

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Serial_EDX3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Umm. blu-ray is great for now, But I think there will have to be a need for better gaming media down the line, the 2X read speed and only 50GB of space won't be enough for next-gen systems from any company.

Ps3 is even filling them up now.

DelbertGrady3276d ago

Neither Microsoft or Nintendo will use Sonys format. It would be stupid for them marketingwise. Think about it. They would be advertising for Sony, and Sony would make money from licensing fees, movies sold etc.

Seferoth753275d ago

Um both use DVD and that was created the same way HD-DVD and Blu ray were made. Sony and other companies funding the research.

ChickeyCantor3276d ago

Its very plausible(but i doubt it), i'm still wondering what Nintendo is planning with that holo-data.

FinalomegaS3276d ago

thanks Sidar,

I completely forgot about this, this would really solve nintendos piracy issue also.

I read this and thought.. they will need something new to be able to use all that data space.

"the theoretical limits for the storage density of this technique are approximately tens of terabits (1 terabit = 1024 gigabits = 128 gigabytes) per cubic centimeter. In 2006, InPhase Technologies published a white paper reporting an achievement of 500 Gb/in2"

Just don't want us to revert back to the Nintendo cart days when publishers had to fork over XX$ per cart increasing the consumer purchase.. that 105$ for Mega Man 3 still bothers me -_-'

ChickeyCantor3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

well when they hack into the system with USB again, they can rip the data of the cards.... would take a long time.

"tens of terabits per cubic centimeter"
Games in cube forms?
Awesome!!!!! would be hilarious actually if the "cube bay" is on top and you have to drop the "game-cube" into it.

Monteblanco3276d ago

As I said before the rumour is too good to be true, especially the trade in your used Wii. That said, the specs seems to be something I would expect from a Wii Plus, although I wouldn't expect the blu-ray player.

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