Resistance: Fall of Man New Map Pack Developer Interview

Here's an interview with the development team on Resistance: Fall of Man about the new Map Pack that is supposedly coming out this month.

The maps looks really detailed, and will cost $7.99 for the 2 maps.

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The map pack looks totally fantastic! I am going to get the map pack no matter what baby! :P

Lord Anubis4577d ago

I want the maps now, also I'm looking forward to kicking some UK arse

Ps30074577d ago

Didnt they say they would be free?

I just lost an immense amount of respect for them...

Kleptic4577d ago

the global server and some more of the cheat prevention stuff for game admins is free...its just another update for the game that they have released several times...the maps you have to pay for...and it will most likely do what Gears did in which after a few months they will be free...just so everyone has them...

its 8 bucks dude...just don't order a pizza 1 night...and its paid for...

UrbanJabroni4577d ago

I stopped listening after that. I hate these prices (on all of the consoles).

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