Fat Princess: Her Majesty Gifts Unto Thee …

PlaystationBlog: In case you didn't hear, Patch 1.03 contains a brand new map, New Pork, which we're providing absolutely free. Yep, FREE. We're extremely grateful to all the fans for their support of Fat Princess and we hope that many of you will spread the love and entice your friends who have not yet tried the game to give it a go.

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guitarded773276d ago

Can't wait to get off work and try some New Pork! The Cake is not a lie.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3276d ago

Excellent.I enjoy FP very much

LinuxGuru3276d ago

Woohoo! Everyone likes free stuff =)

mcgrawgamer3275d ago

glad to see FP still getting love, New Pork? I'm all over it.

pokeystaples3275d ago

I can't wait to get home. Work sure puts a damper on gaming.