Team Fortress 2 Massively Discounted

If you don't yet have the awesome piece of multi-player class-based action that is Valve's Team Fortress 2, now is your perfect time to get in on the action; the game has been discounted to a mere £2.49 on Steam, meaning you can buy and enjoy the game immediately for less cash than a meal at McDonald's.

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Pandamobile3328d ago

There is NO excuse not to own this game.

cupogoodness3328d ago

The sale ends in like an hour. Short, awesome sale that a lot of people are going to miss.

Digitaldude3328d ago

Holy crap, if you havent got the game, buy it now!

TABSF3328d ago

Gabe and TF2 development team = total legends

BlindBandit3328d ago

I just got this game a few mins ago, i'm not a PC gamer anymore since my PC is crappy but hot damm, i love TF2 free weekend & $2.50 that a freaking steal & add TF2 in my steam account with CS Source ^_^, waiting for the next Intel i7 + Geforce 360m laptop but only getting that gaming laptop for CUDA encoding & Splinter Cell & Allan Wake for PC.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3328d ago

I recommend it to any gamer.Truly a gem

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The story is too old to be commented.