Modern Warfare 2 Opening Is Real, Aussies Flip Out

Activision has confirmed that the leaked footage of the Modern Warfare 2 opening is authentic (though skippable), and the Australians don't like it one bit. (Again: Spoilers!)

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loslonelyman3278d ago

we need to invite these guys who read that site to N4G LOL

DK_Kithuni_713278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

can forget all about getting my money this time. Modern Warfare 2 looks like the same old Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare to me. Also heard enough stupid BS marketing comments about how great Activision and Infinity Ward are and how well they know all us gamers. Furthermore I have no interest in playing a terrorist. Actually, I'm thinking the game may be so poor that all it has going for it is shock value.

No thanks Activision and Infinity Ward!

SRU96003278d ago

My copy is on pre-order and I'm counting down the days. :D

Microsoft Xbox 3603278d ago

Its no different than running over pedestrians in GTA. Stop being such pansies.

karan86243278d ago

GTA has been letting you kill civilians and zombies alike for years. Fallout 3 gives you the option. Mercenaries 2 lets you. Saints Row lets you.
I DO realize this will be more "intense" and realistic, but still
I dont see what the HUGE deal is, this has been done before. With controversy, yes, but still.

Timesplitter143278d ago

I just wanna see this game banned even if I think this is no big deal.

Teach those fools at Activision a lesson

mal_tez923278d ago

Michael Atkinson has ruined gaming for Australians.

Off-topic: The author's name is John Funk. That is an awesome name.

Tony999Montana3278d ago

Well he was incorrect as soon as he said " actually promoting what most world leaders speak out publicly against"

Infinity Ward have made it quite clear that the scene is designed to make the player a witness to the atrocities committed by the terrorist, to give them a greater incentive to stop the terrorists and defeat what they stand for. If that somehow promotes terrorism, then I must be missing something..

kwicksandz3278d ago

This is one game i hope we do ban. Activisions treatment of PC gamers is unacceptable.

Also this game is high profile enough to get the r18 for games debate back into the media. After all only 18 year olds should be able to kill civies in the airport!

Baka-akaB3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

No you shouldnt hope it get banned or censored if you wish the game some ill fate ...

Banning a game or controversity only made those touched by it insanely more popular .

Hell just look at this , instead of remembering the games flaws and the tactics of it's publishers , now many are praising some pseudo edgy stance .

It's a PR stunt ... and it's working ...

Hell that leak is suspicious at best , and it's timing couldnt have been better after much uproar about the pc version

FarEastOrient3278d ago

This is going to be interesting and makes me want to play the game even more to see how their take on situation of terrorist attacking an airport. I like the fact that companies are taking the risk instead of cliches already entrenched in the market today to do their stories.

This is also coming from a citizen of the United States that is also serving in the armed forces in Iraq right now. If the lobbyist in Australia wants to throw a fit about the game, than they should've thrown one at the movie industry for Black Hawk Down, Generation Kill, Saving Private Ryan, and We Are Soldiers (Which are all good).

We are all Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fans here and even with this story coming out it has not toned down the willing of playing this game. What I mean is that the real game happens when ever I step out of my building, I just had a mortar attack two days ago, and I drive down the streets of Iraq almost every day. They need to find something real to complain about...

Hideo_Kojima3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

What the hell is wrong with you?
You want a game to get banned because it has no
dedicated servers or mods?

If everyone complained like you PC gamers all
the games in consoles would be banned.

Also if games on PC cost more I would understand
you would want more features but the games cost
less for you so why the hell would you be angry
because you get the same things we do on consoles?

Finaly if you don't like it DON'T get it you don't
have to hope that the game is ruined for the
millions of us that have been waiting for it.

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MysticStrummer3278d ago

I can see why this would bother some people, but most online shooter action boils down to good guys vs bad guys so players have been assuming the bad guy role for a long time. Of course, this sounds like gunning down civilians so it's different. On a side note... can we please stop calling CoD and MW "realistic"? The graphics are realistic but the gameplay isn't.

CrippleH3278d ago

The artstyle is realistic, the graphics are pretty decent not that great.

I agree with the gameplay ones. Lot of the gun have no actual recoil at all and do similar damages.

ab5olut10n3278d ago

yeah, the video of this is kinda rough

NecrumSlavery3278d ago

So you get to play the baddies in a prologue?

This is nothing to how inappropriate GTA is.
I think this is cool. Killing kids may be the drawling line,though.

JeffGUNZ3278d ago

You play as an undercover CIA agent infiltrating the terror cell.

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