Win advice from Harry Redknapp in Football Manager 2010

GrE writes, "With the launch of Football Manager 2010 tomorrow for the PC, Sega has teamed up with UK retailer GAME to offer football fans the opportunity of a lifetime.

Any GAME reward card customer who purchases the new Football Manager 2010 from GAME stores or on Friday 30 October 2009 will be entered into a prize draw, with one lucky gamer being selected to join Harry Redknapp's personal phone book. The computer game manager will be able to talk to him to ask his football management advice..."

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bgrundman3278d ago

Sorry, international soccer is lost on me.

wondroushippo3278d ago

Yeah, but at least this seems pretty cool for those soccer fans. No, I will not call it football, never!

roblef3278d ago

Maybe futbol might be acceptable, right?

bgrundman3278d ago

Why would people play a game that is all about statistics and no actual gaming? It baffles my mind.

wondroushippo3278d ago

It's kind of like the baseball managment sims here in the US - there are people that enjoy the business side of things, and managing that, as well as the game itself. Did you ever play MVP Baseball 2005? The gameplay there was STELLAR, but the secondary managing aspects of the Franchise mode were awesome.

Sp1deyluvr3278d ago

I played soccer in Jr. High. I think I would be just about as good at a game, as I was at the real thing; not very.