Wired Hands On: Big Sisters Are Watching in BioShock 2

Seasteading didn't quite work out for libertarian ideologue Andrew Ryan in BioShock, the creepy game released in 2007 to widespread acclaim. Ryan's underwater utopia collapsed, thanks in part to genetic enhancements that gave superhuman powers to the denizens of Rapture, turning it into a saltwater kill zone.

In BioShock 2, one of the most anticipated game sequels ever, you awake eight years after the where the original left off. You're missing all your memories but you know what you are: a Big Daddy, one of the giant, metal-suited monstrosities that kept order in Rapture before the fall.

Who are you? Where's your Little Sister? Plenty of obstacles float between you and the truth. Drugged-out Splicers still roam the city, and there's a new antagonist: A hard-left propagandist who believes in collectivism by any means necessary. And she's got an army of Big Sisters aimed at taking you down.

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Darkstorn3280d ago

Okay, since when did collectivism represent the 'hard left?' Seems to me that the Religious Right is the most powerful collectivist institution in the United States these days...
As for the game, it looks great. I'm happy that the story will be equally deep this time around, and the gameplay looks as good as it ever did.