Microsoft selling crapware-free PCs in its stores

Not only is Microsoft reselling select Windows 7 PCs normally sold by its hardware partners, but the company is making sure they come only with the software it wants. Yes, that means that if you buy a PC from Microsoft, it won't come with the usual "crapware," though it won't be a clean install either. Microsoft is still bundling its own software, including Windows Live Essentials and Microsoft Security Essentials, as well as Adobe software.

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Mr_Bun3329d ago

There goes the "only 50$ to remove all the crap we installed on this" courtesy of BestBuy

Elven63329d ago

This only occurs at the Microsoft store, so unless someone buys a PC from the Microsoft store and takes it to Best Buy, we shouldn't have a problem. :)

mrv3213329d ago

Can't you do it yourself?

I remember Best Buy offering a PS3 setup, the PS3 is pretty simply to set up, just match the shapes and plug in.

Elven63329d ago

You can do it yourself but Best Buy will try to convince you that you can't.

Feral Gamer3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

I'm ashamed to say Best Buy is headquartered here in Minnesota where I live. I always thought Minnesotans were supposed to be honest and friendly. Best Buy can suck a fat one. I'm tired of them ripping off people who just don't know how easy it is to do things themselves. Shame on you Best Buy! Quit taking advantage of people who don't know better!

f7897903328d ago

Always has. The people could easily learn but they choose not to.

MNicholas3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

getting rid of all the garbage Microsoft puts in there like MSN Messenger, Windows Live software, trial MSOffice, etc...

Then you have to defrag the drive to consolidate the base data.

Then you have to turn off all the unnecessary OS functions called "Services" (for reasons unknown, these are on by default) that not only slow down your computer but make it too damn easy for someone to hijack your computer remotely and use it for illegal purposes without your knowledge.

Then you have to install a better firewall because the Windows one sucks.

Then you have to go to online and get anti-virus and anti-spyware software.

Then you have to install a better web-browser.

Finally, you need to install a better media player since Windows Media Player is pathetic.

MNicholas3328d ago

would rather pay for something they could easily do themselves then someone ought to provide them with that service. Similarly if those adults are too lazy to think things through properly before making a purchase, Best Buy can't be blamed.

It's not Best Buy's fault that these people are stupid and lazy. It's not Microsoft's fault that some people are stupid enough to pay $50/year for something that everyone else gets free of charge or pay $150 for a $50 hard-drive. It's not rent-a-center's fault that some people are stupid enough to pay $2000 for a $400 computer. It's free money and lots of lazy, ignorant people are willing to give it away. Why turn it down?

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yamzilla3329d ago

You know how many corn-fed, inbred, alcohol induced fuxk tards come into a bestbuy on a given expect them to know how to connect a PS3, let alone safely un-install superficial bloatware...they can barely cash their food stamps to trade for methamphetamine, let alone navigate through control panel......and bestbuy cashing in on this makes them shameful...i'm sure they feel real ashamed....god....we should neuter and spay all people at birth and only after they can pass comprehensive testing should they be allowed to breed.!!!!!

f7897903328d ago

They need to make it so you can't buy beer (or any junk food for that matter) with foodstamps. I wanted to tackle a guy in the grocery store one day when all he had was beer and random crap.

KYU21303329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Microsoft put up a store so they could sell computers, and software. HMMM where have i seen that before oh yeah an Apple Store. Applause to Microsoft for the effort but i can by a windows based PC anywhere.

As for the Mac VS. PC argument:

My mac got sick so i took it to the store and he came home all better. My PC got sick and it went to the store and died en-route. We had a funeral and they gave me a new one.

and to Eiffel " Windows SUCKS!!!" and the rest of the world knows it to. I said it and i meant it.

Elven63329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

The Microsoft Store has always been around dude, previously they were on Microsoft campuses exclusive to Microsoft employees, their families, and in some cases even visitors.

If the rest of the world knows Windows sucks, why doesn't Mac or even Linux have majority market share?

Fanboy trolling fail.

Edit: Oh and FYI, by definition a Mac IS a "PC".

PS360PCROCKS3329d ago

Um the purpose of the Microsoft store is so that Microsoft can market it's own products for themselves instead of a 3rd party. It's awesome if Apple is in every mall but if Microsoft wants to be it's not OK? Your comment is laughable, some of you don't get how the world works.

f7897903328d ago

If your going to bash something, make some sense.

The mall near me has a Sony store and everything in there I could buy in other stores. It's there to promote the Sony name and occasionally sell an overpriced netbook.

Arnon3328d ago

Talk when your mac is actually worth the $2000-$3000 value.

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rmedtx8883328d ago

They should do that a standard...By the way... Windows Vista