Streaming Profits for Netflix from Sony PlayStation 3 Deal

Netflix announced in a press release that its video streaming service would be available to Sony PlayStation 3 owners next month. Although the DVD rental operator already has Internet distribution deals in place for a variety of consumer electronic devices, this latest partnering should help the company lower operating costs and overall churn rates in coming quarters.

The core strategy of Netflix is to meet the content needs of its subscription base by offering both DVD by mail and streaming services for one low monthly price, starting at $8.99 a month for the 1-out unlimited plan. Netflix's Internet delivery of content is available on a range of devices, from Internet-ready TV sets (including Sony's Bravia and LG Electronics), Blu-ray disc players (Samsung and Insignia, the exclusive brand of consumer electronic's retailer Best Buy), and Roku and TiVo digital video players

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In-cognito3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Signed up the day after I heard about it.
By the way, Blu-ray movies (rentals through the mail) are $2.00 more per month for the people that didn't know. Bringing it up to $10.99/month. Still a great deal.

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