IGN: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Progress Report (plus new media)

As the military air raid siren blared and Ryu deflected bullets with his sword, decapitated heavily armed soldiers and took out machine-gunners with his bow and arrow, the true power of Ninja Gaiden took hold. This is a game that was released three years ago and has had a slick demo on the PlayStation network for weeks, yet with the flick of the joystick it was able to turn any onlooker into a fanboy and leave him or her reminiscing about what a bitch Alma was and how much the Master Ninja difficulty sucked.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma is well on its way to becoming a title PS3 owners would be crazy not to plunk down $60 for on July 3.

Please scroll through the many new videos.

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Violater4191d ago

I can forsee many broken controllers in this games future.

techie4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

TnS. I know what you're saying, but it just gets messy with so many videos (there's not 4, there's 12) So it's best if people scroll through on here, and then follow the links to them (IGN is good for that)

edit* No problem T. (I dont want to watch them, otherwise it'd spoil it....and IGN doesn't know how to host good quality media)

TnS4191d ago

Yep, 12 would be way too much. Sorry, I checked only the first page. :)

nix4191d ago

this game is gonna kick ass.. but i like greenery ones more than the "enclosed" ones.. like to see as far as i can see... q:

achira4191d ago

this game is very nice, i will give it a try!

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The story is too old to be commented.