Forza 3's Game Director Practices What Forza Preaches

Isaiah Taylor of The Start Screen editorializes an interview Turn 10's Game Director, Dan Greenawalt had with Audizine, where his very own customized Audi S4 was put on display. Some interesting technical details were revealed about Forza Motorsport 3.

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darkequitus3279d ago

Saaking, go back to the openzone. There is no value in what you say.

kaveti66163280d ago

They called Dan Greenwalt "Dana Greenwalt" twice in the interview. Sex change?

Bboy_Izilla3279d ago

Hey guys...I corrected the name on my end, but all I can do about the Audizine guys is send them an e-mail.

kevinx10003279d ago

i see you've been busy today saaking.
played mass effect, then left 4 dead and then halo 3.

fail fanboy.

Saaking3279d ago

Hmm, are you stalking me or something? lol

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