Insomniac: Sony 'listening to US/EU more'

Insomniac senior community manager James Stevenson says Sony Japan is taking far more notice of consumer feedback in the west now than it was two years ago.

"The challenge has always been that the [PS3] operating system (XMB) has always been developed in Japan, and at first it didn't seem like it reacted to the US and European markets," Stevenson told CVG.

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Sevir043368d ago

Racteht has released to success James is soo talkative these days... I really cant wait to talk about the game i saw. i wish they could just show it now so i can come out of the embargo along with Game informer.

ReaperXL73368d ago

Why must you tease the rest of us with talk like that?

Can you atleast tell us what genre it falls under? I personally would like to see insomniac do an RPG, or an Adventure type game like Zelda or Castlevainia.

We still have no clue what their new north carolina studio is working on, and personally I can't wait to find out what it is.

I love insomniac. If nothing else you can always count on them for very good, if not great games.

CaptainKratos3368d ago

you know something!? tell me NOW!!!