Guitar Hero CEO looks to Natal

'Already working with Microsoft'...

The CEO for Activision's Guitar Hero brand has told TechRadar that the company is excited about the possibilities for future Guitar Hero games using Microsoft's Project Natal motion control tech, and is already working with the software giant.

Activision's Dan Rosensweig also talked about potentially opening up in new 3D tech and has explained more about the thinking behind [Activision CEO] Bobby Kotick's recent comments on direct-to-TV guitars.

"As technology gets cheaper and more interesting – take, for example, something like Project Natal, you can imagine a series of different ways that it might be fun to add that kind of capability to music genre games," he added.

"So yeah, we are working with Microsoft on that. We think that's exciting. And we are working with all the first-party vendors on all the new technologies, because each first party offers something unique.

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Delta3370d ago

Air Guitar Hero B!tches!!! :)

Delta3370d ago

Don't you use your hands to play games?

Greywulf3370d ago

They sell guitars, and other accessories... do they not?

So, if those controllers are no longer necessary to run the game, since NATAL's whole movement is controller-less gaming, how is Activision going to make money on the accessories, when they are no longer required. ..

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PandemicPrawn03370d ago

As I've mentioned in another post some time ago.
I want to see some destructible/interactive environments.

Imagine kicking speakers over and smashing your guitar on stage.

MetalGearRising3370d ago

Project NATAL (It only does everything).

Delta3370d ago

IDK about you but im not a supporter of motion controls.
But hey its just me eh. I will not be getting NATAL.
I hope it flops hard so no one will ever attempt this again.

Foliage3370d ago

"Project NATAL (It only does everything)."

Except accuracy, and showing the bottom of an avatars shoe. Yup you just got owned again little bot, back into your hole... which happens to be your moms vag, but you will have to wait in line to get in there. You might want to pack a lunch and pitch a tent, it's what everyone else does.

And by the way: "And we are working with all the first-party vendors on all the new technologies". The media is pushing Natal, not the developers.

3370d ago
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